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Landlocked poop deck uses six panels for privacy, two for sun and wind control.

Outdoor privacy and wind and sun protectio were prime concerns for landscape architect Helaine and designer Blair Prentice when they added a redwood deck to the back of their house in Oakland.

The raised deck extends 14 feet from the kitchen door toward the west. Steps at the far end angle down to the garden.

To ensure privacy from neighboring houses, the owners built adjustable screening walls. Around most of the deck, 4-by-4 posts, spaced 5 feet apart, rise 4 feet above a 3-1/2-foot-high railing; 2 by 6's are bolted across the tops of posts. (to help block a neighbor's window, two posts rise 5-1/2 feet.)

For lightweight screening, the Prentices adapted sailboat gear: they attached removable panels of blue synthetic canvas to the 2 by 6's and 4-by-4 posts with twist-lock fasteners and grommets. To prevent the panels from tearing in high winds, they cut six semicircular flaps in each one.

At the stairway end of the deck, a prow-shaped section points toward the garden. In this direction, privacy is less a problem than low afternoon sun, so the couple installed removable wooden-slat roll-up blinds that filter light or open for a view. A built-in bench here and a railing only 3 feet high turn this part of the deck into a pleasant gathering spot.
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Date:Jun 1, 1984
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