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Landline ringtones get personal.

For more than a century, you have heard the same ringtone from your home phone. To see who is calling, you probably had to stop what you were doing and rush to your phone to check the Caller ID. Portland, Ore.-based company Home Phone Tunes Inc. has developed Ringboxx that delivers custom music and audio content as ringtones for landline phones.

Use of electronics has become more prevalent, and personalizing home phone ringtones is another way to express individuality with electronics. As much as it is a fun feature, it also is a functional way to easily identify callers by sound. The ringtones make screening calls effortless. Assign number-specific ringtones or set the preference to silence and mute unwanted calls altogether.


"Today, people can choose to play an entertaining selection of ringtones or personalize ringtones to identify who is calling. There is no reason to dash to the phone to answer a call that you are not interested in receiving," said Kirk Cameron, Home Phone Tunes CEO.

Ringboxx is a compact device that users connect to their PC to download high-quality ringtones and then connect to their home phone. Ringtones can be purchased and updated as desired. Participating local telecommunications providers may offer it to subscribers for a small monthly fee or as part of a package of services. []

By Jonah Arellano, NTCA Communications Assistant
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Author:Arellano, Jonah
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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