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Land use review intakes for April 8, 2019.

Byline: Sam Tenney

April 1-7, 2019

Design advice is sought for construction of a new five-story affordable housing building at 3000 S.E. Powell Blvd. The building would hold approximately 175 residential units, 7,000 square feet of active use space on the ground floor, and 30 parking spaces. The property formerly held a strip club and was purchased by the city of Portland using dollars from a $258 million affordable housing bond approved by voters in 2016. The applicants are Dave Otte of Holst Architecture, Julie Livingston of Home Forward, and Bobby Daniels of the Portland Housing Bureau. The owner is the city of Portland.

Early assistance is sought for alterations to a hotel at 7740 S.E. Powell Blvd. for use as a family shelter. Proposed work would add a kitchen and community room using one of two options either temporary mobile trailers, or enclosure of a covered parking area. The applicant is Andrea Matthews of Carleton Hart Architecture, and the owner is Shakti Ent LLC, which is managed by Ganesh Sonpatki.

Early assistance is sought for feedback on the possible renovation of the historic Troy Laundry building, on half of a block at 1025 S.E. Pine St., as well as redevelopment of the remaining portion of the block. The two-story Troy Laundry building is along Southeast Pine Street and contains creative office space; the northern portion of the block has buildings housing an automotive business and an HVAC supplier. The applicant is Allison Reynolds of Stoel Rives, and the owner is Troy Laundry Building LLC of Menlo Park, California, which is registered to Michael Tevis of Intrinsic Ventures. The application indicates that a potential new owner would be carrying out the redevelopment.

Early assistance is sought to subdivide a residential property at 1135 S.E. Grant St. into five lots, and develop each with attached houses. The applicant is Kevin Partain of Urban Visions, and the owner is Karen Harding.

Early assistance is sought for a five-lot subdivision for single-family detached housing at 4427 N.E. Prescott St. An existing home would remain, and access to four lots is proposed via a common green for frontage and parking. The applicant is Daniel Silvey of DBS Group LLC, and the owner is Kyle Owens.

A Type II adjustment procedure is pending for a property line adjustment to properties the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) owns and manages as part of the Flyway Wetlands Complex at 9442 N.E. 13th Ave. The PLA will allow the bureau to surplus a residence on one of the properties and facilitate use of the remainder of the property for natural area restoration and protection. The applicant, Kevin Huniu of the BES, is requesting an adjustment to a PLA standard related to split-zoned lots.

A Type II design review is sought for updates to an existing Portland State University accessory maintenance facility at 1875 S.W. Park Ave. The applicant is Anthony Bohan of PSU, and the owner is the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.

A Type II design review is sought for improvements to a parking garage at 1400 S.W. Fourth Ave. Proposed work includes removal of a ground-floor restroom and security gate and construction of an extension of an existing concrete wall and security screen to return the exterior faade to its original condition. The applicant is Jason Tand of LRS Architects, and the owner is Mark Group Partnership No. 5.

A Type III historic resource review with modifications is pending for construction of the PAE Living Building, a five-story core-and-shell office building on a Downtown Development Group-owned parcel at Southwest First Avenue and Pine Street. The applicant is Milena Di Tomaso of ZGF Architects, and the owner is L-126 LLC.

Source: Portland Bureau of Development Services

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Publication:Daily Journal of Commerce (Portland, OR)
Date:Apr 9, 2019
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