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Land of the Quinault.

Do Native Americans have a greater understanding and respect for nature than their conquerors do? Environmentalists and Native Americans often refer to a pre-Colombian golden age when blaming western values for today's problems. But is it our fundamental values or is it our more powerful technology and greater numbers that make us more destructive?

One way to answer the question is to give Native Americans the same economic options. Will they avoid our mistakes? This book says they will, but the proof isn't in yet.

Land of the Quinault is a portrait of a modern Indian Nation comprising a number of tribes on the Northwest's Olympic Peninsula and their development of a modern and profitable forestry policy to manage some of the country's most spectacular old-growth and best second-growth forests.

This book contains many debatable assumptions about the superiority of Indian ethics and environmental understanding. The history, however, is absorbing, and the Indian point of view is a useful reminder that what we read before usually had its own slant.
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Author:Kaufman, Wallace
Publication:American Forests
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 1991
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