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Land Transport NZ Announces Proposed Emissions Rule Changes.

Land Transport New Zealand, an entity established under the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2004 to take responsibility for land transport funding and promote land transport safety and sustainability, recently announced the release for public comment of proposed changes to the requirements for vehicle exhaust emissions.

According to Land Transport NZ, while police currently have the power to ticket "smoky" vehicles at the roadside and those vehicles entering the country for the first time must meet approved emissions standards, exhaust emissions are not currently checked as part of warrant of fitness (WoF) or certificate of fitness (CoF) inspections.

Land Transport NZ said the draft "Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Exhaust Emissions (2006)" proposes to include a "simple" visible smoke check as part of WoF and CoF inspections. Those vehicles discharging clearly visible, dense smoke from the exhaust would fail inspection.

"Less than two percent of vehicles are likely to fail this check, but they will be gross polluters -- most likely poorly maintained and with severely worn or damaged engines," said director of land transport Wayne Donnelly.

The draft rule also proposes to change the implementation date for the Euro IV emissions standard for heavy diesel vehicles in order to prevent disruption to the supply of new heavy diesel vehicles, including public transit buses, for New Zealand companies.

Contact: Andy Knackstedt, Land Transport NZ, phone 04-931-8829, website

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Publication:Mobile Emissions Today
Date:Jan 24, 2006
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