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Land Bank Financial Intermediation Loan.

Project ID : P150008

Project status : Active

Project Phase : Planning

Total project cost : US$ 100.00 million

Country : Kiribati

Region : East Asia and Pacific

Sectors : Rural and Inter-Urban Roads and Highways

Project Description

Component A: Civil Works - This component consists of the main civil works activities to be undertaken on the South Tarawa road infrastructure.

Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Paved Roads on Sout h Tarawa. The road from the Betio Toll booth to the junction with the Ananau Causeway (22.4 km), the Ananau Causeway to just past the airport terminal (2.2 km), the road from the Ananau Causeway junction towards Temaiku (2.2 km) and then to the south of th e airport where it will reconnect with the Ananau Causeway road (3.9 km), and the road from Tanaea to the north of Buota island (2.0 km) will be reconstructed or rehabilitated with safety improvements. 8 km of water main adjacent to the road will be replaced

Component B: Road Sector Reform - Activities to strengthen the road sector and ultimately lead to more sustainable main road infrastructure in South Tarawa

Micro - Enterprises f or Routine Road Maintenance. Provision of assistance in the form of (i) training, (ii) procurement of basic plant and equipment, and (iii) operational support for the management and monitoring of contracts, in order to promote the establishment of micro - en terprises to undertake routine maintenance on the GOK~s paved road network, using performance - based contracting methodology, and under supervision by MPWU

Component C: Project Support. Specialist support to the GOK for implementation of the Project.

Establishment of the Kiribati Central Fiduciar y Unit (KCFU) to ensure the smooth operation of the project. The KCFU will handle procurement and financial management, as well as assisting in the preparation of work - plans, budgets, progress and impact reports, and coordination of the overall implementat ion of the project

country :South Africa

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Jul 8, 2014
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