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Laminating: a pressing issue.


From real wood veneers to faux stone selections...metallic tambour to pearlescent designs, today's decorative laminates offers a variety of selections and applications. Choices for adhesive supplies, edgebanding materials and specialty machinery have expanded, too. WOOD & WOOD PRODUCTS has compiled a list of 110 of the latest laminating, adhesive and edgebanding products. For more information, circle the corresponding number on the Reader's Service Card. Another valuable source for manufacturers, distributors and products is the 1991 WOOD & WOOD PRODUCTS Red Book Buyer's Specification Guide.

Decorative overlays

Abet Laminati has added 24 new solid colors to the Color Speciali line. The new Colori Speciali 90 has been divided into groups and identified by names of vast nations including Messicani, Americani and Fransesci. 331

Laminated Plastic Inc.'s new line of Matrix pattern laminates features the latest optical solid designs in both textured and gloss finishes. This new look is available in five colorways: Dune, Desert Pink, Neutral, Grey and Dark Grey. The Matrix line is suited for both commercial and residential applications including restaurant tables and store fixtures as well as residential countertops. 332

Westinghouse/Micarta offers "The Long Gray Line" group of high-pressure decorative laminates. Pale hues include Quick Silver, String Gray and Soft Gray. Medium variations include Gray Velour, Mercury, and Slate. Oxford Gray is the darkest color. 333

Flexible Materials Inc. offers: flexible veneers in 40 species, pre-finished or unfinished with a choice of four backers; edgebanding in wood, PVC and polyester; and flexible tambour in solid wood, veneer, mylar, and metal. The company also offers the Contour Collection, exclusive tambour patterns in laminate half rounds and other specialty items. 334

Tacon surface materials and edgebanding is available in over 100 colors, in several textures, in solids, patterns, abstracts and wood reproductions. The company says it is equally suitable for industrial processing or the hand work of the craftsman. Its flexibility and ease with which it can be worked permits optimum forming with expensive long-run equipment or in short runs with inexpensive equipment made from wood based materials. 335

Formplac says its high-pressure laminate is ideal for any surface and can be applied directly to particleboard, plywood, wood, metal, plaster, concrete and masonry. The laminate is reportedly resistant to wear, scratches, hot and cold water, cigarette burns and various chemical agents. 336

Interlam offers a wide variety of ARPA brand high-pressure laminates. The company says these laminates meet or exceed all performance standards of NEMA Publication LD3-1985. The availability of grades and thicknesses are as follows: vertical, 0.032 in.; postform, 0.032 in.; postform, 0.035 in.; universal, 0.035 in. 337

Kurz-Hastings Inc. says its Tuff/Coat dry transfer finishes are mar-proof, scuff-resistant foils that are designed to meet the harsh processing conditions of manufacturing operations. Improved product handling and higher operating efficiencies are the direct result of Tuff/Coat's durability. Available in a diverse range of wood grain, solid color and decorative styles, the foils are applied to full size and cut-to-size panels in an continuous, one-step process which uses no VOCs and is self-trimming. 338

Multidecor GmbH says strict USA NEMA standards certify that its top foil features melamine short cycle qualities. A special multi-layer lacquering system allows for the application of finish foils on materials which were, until now, only suited for direct lamination, the company says. Offered are finish foils with a basis weight in the range of 80 to 120 g/[m.sup.2] especially for flat press processing and highly plane application. 339

Dyno Overlays offers decorative Plyocite, a series of polyester and melamine thermosetting overlays which can be hotpress fused to particleboard or MDF. The laminates are produced in a wide range of solid colors and woodgrain patterns. 340

PWA Decor Inc. produces base papers for resin impregnation of laminates onto substrates such as particleboard, plywood and MDF. 341

Panelyte high-pressure laminates are offered in a variety of popular solid colors, woodgrains, patterns and dimensional surfaces. Applications include: countertops, cabinets, case goods, commercial and institutional fixtures, interior doors and partitions, desks, tables and furniture. 342

Avery Decorative Films Div. offers a brochure which includes application tips, troubleshooting tips, profile edge decoration and application equipment. Applications include: end caps, raised panel doors, shaped edges, shelving and drawer slides. 343

Pioneer Plastics Corp. offers Patina, a Roscoe-winning design, in an all new series in the Strata II line. The company says the decorative laminate is unparalleled in the industry with its pearlescent and metallic inks. Patina emulated aged or stressed and comes in four colors: silver, gold, platinum and verdigris. Laminates are designed especially for retail applications such as fixtures and displays. 344

International Paper offers Gatorply natural wood backer. It is made from sturdy resin-impregnated wood fiber and can actually last longer and hold up better than conventional wood veneer, the company says. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors and needs no special equipment. 345

Advanced Printing Technologies Inc. manufactures standard and industrial lightweight grades of paper, Kraft paper, pigmented white, wrapping grades and saturating papers. 346

Forbo-Cova says its Cova Classic is a decorative overlay wiping vinyl with dimensional woodgrain effect. A durable, scratch-resistant coating that requires no sanding, staining or buffing is available in continuous rolls. 347

Reneer Films Corp. says all its laminates pass a light table test as well as others before being shipped from the plant. The company supplies realistic woodgrains and solid opaque laminates for the home electronic and furniture industries. 348

Interior Products Inc. says it offers the largest and most comprehensive line of tambours found anywhere. Available services include laminating as thin as 30 gram paper, notching, moulding and grooving. Custom sizes are available. 349

Northway Industries offers a wide selection of high-pressure laminates and backer sheets on industrial particleboard panels for desks and tabletops. It also offers services such as: cut-to-size, drilling, shaping, PVC, self-edge, wood edgebanding, T-moulding, finished components and packaging. 350

Occidental Chemical Corp. offers three additional woodgrain patterns in Oxyline woodgrain laminating films: Fairview Oak, Max Oak and Royal Oak. The company says that its Klearview woodgrains feature a strong sandwich construction for V-grooving and are durable for standard laminations. 351

Laminating equipment

Art Betterley Enterprises Inc.'s postforming machine makes 90 [degrees], 180 [degrees] and 360 [degrees] wraps with plastic laminates in about a minute, according to the company. The postforming equipment comes with a clamping system for fast contact with substrate as well as heated lengths of 22 in., 38 in., 65 in., 78 in., 106 in. and 150 in. 353

The air file from Beaver Tools Inc. can trim laminates without hand filing except inside corners more efficiently. The company also says labor costs will be reduced with the tool. 354

Allwood Machinery Inc. represents three lines of laminating equipment including Barberan profile laminators, continuous laminators and laminator postformers. Sergiani multi-daylight presses and Ormamachine feed through press lines, membrane presses, bending presses and hot and cold presses. 355

The Aro Corp. offers a wide selection of portable tools including laminate trimmers, automatic drills and orbital sanders. 356

The Miniform automatic postformer from Midwest Automation Inc. does automatic, two-sided postforming at up to 30 fpm. The Miniform 118 system does automatic 180 [degrees], one- and two-sided postforming on thicknesses up to 2 1/2-in. Features include: infrared heating stations, manual upper beam adjustment, dual transport drive, quick change width adjustments and state-of-the-art electronic controls, the company says. 357

Black Bros. Co. offers a computer-controlled air pod plated laminating press that will be integrated into a complete laminating system. By entering the size of the board being handled and the desired pressure, the computer will automatically load the stack in the proper press and apply the correct amount of pressure, the company says. 358 American Clamping Corp. offers Bessey's Variable Angle Device for profile clamping, flats to rounds and clamping of round objects. Designed to fit any make of clamp, this product makes a conventional clamp extremely versatile. This two-piece fixture comes complete with an Allen wrench which allows the user to fix the VAD pad to both the fixed jaw and pad of the sliding arm. The fixture has two flat pads that can be tilted up to 60 [degrees] to accommodate inside and outside angles. 359

Dieffenbacher North America Inc. says its laminating machinery offers quick changing of laminating foils and caul plates. Loading and unloading is performed by a Synchro-Quick system, and different lengths, widths and thicknesses of board formats are also easily changeable, according to the company. 360

The Model 5800 double-sided continuous paper laminator from Evans Machinery is intended for use in high-volume, high-speed applications where simultaneous lamination of both sides of a substrate is desired. Features include: 9-in. steel rollers and rubber rollers, web tension controls that maintain even and constant paper tension, and top and bottom 10-in. glue line heaters. Operating speed ranges from 5 to 75 fpm. 361

The PF-100 manual postformer from Edgetech Inc. allows edging of pieces before and after postforming and the company says geometric shapes can be laminated on the machine. A rotating heat surface rotates around the postformed edge and a cooling surface holds and cools the surface after the forming process. 362

GreCon's Hydro-Dyn double belt press offers: pressure up to 500 N/[cm.sup.2], heating and cooling under pressure, and economic and efficient texturing solutions. It also features CD-compact double belt presses for the continuous production of low pressure melamine (MFC). 363

Holzma U.S. supplies a complete line of profile wrapping machines manufactured by Friz Maschinenbau. These machines apply decorative PVC or paper overlays, or wood veneer to profiled substrates of MDF, particleboard, solid lumber or plywood. Hotmelt, solvent base or PVC glues can be used. Using automatic infeeding devices for veneers and profiles, a high degree of automation is achieved. Units for milling and sanding can also be added. 364

European Woodworking Machinery offers the Buerkle Multiform Press which functions like a membrane press, except it works without the membrane for thermoforming of a vinyl overlay to a substrate. This patented system is said to use less heat and less pressure and thus can be used to thermofuse vinyl on fragile substrates, including honeycomb. Plus, sharper corners are possible than with a traditional membrane press. The press can also be used with a membrane to thermoform veneer; changover is about three minutes. 365

Hofer Woodworking Machinery offers presses suitable for the smallest to the largest production: hydraulic cold and hot presses; up and downstroke presses; short-phase presses with automatic feed and discharge system; combination veneer/lumber hot presses; press lines with dust brushing machine/glue spreader/automatic infeed/short phase thermo-oil hot press/ discharge-table and panel lay-up system. 366

Iberpress membrane presses from Veneer Systems Inc. are reported to have minimum press cycles of three minutes, safety and emergency stop systems from any side of the machine and need only electric power and compressed air to operate. 367

Duespohl U.S.A. offers a new technology in profile wrapping machines for veneers, papers and foils. The DUP range has new features in production increase, and new glue technology. This machine offers possibilities for many applications in wrapping that were not possible before. 368

Hymmen says its Multibond double belt press offers the following advantages: high productivity with a production speed of 30-40 m/min.; safe handling of all urea glues,; a larger range of substrate panels; and fast foil exchange without stop, without adhesive tape, without costly foil losses. 369

Wemhoner offers membrane presses including the newcomer's model KT-M 13/28-200 and the larger, more automated system KT-M 34.17-440. Both models have the same application capabilities in thermal-plastic foil and veneer lamination on 3-D profiled core materials. The differences between the models involve their production capacities and the automation equipment available to and from the press. Each membrane press can also be equipped for double-sided operation. 370

Harlan Machinery Co. offers a hotmelt laminator which features a single 20-in. diameter laminating roll and is electric with variable speed drive. It is designed to laminate a variety of low-basis weight paper and foils with preapplied hotmelt adhesives to a variety of substrates. The company also says the machine utilizes pneumatic loading of the laminating roll for quick, safe disengagement. 371

Hoesch Maschinenfabrik builds press lines for the laminate industry according to the improved system from Becker & van Hullen. The company says its press lines can produce small batches of high pressure laminates economically, which minimizes the required quantity of press plates, which is flexible enough to adapt production demands and which satisfies quality requirements. 372

Able to perform 90 [degrees] and 180 [degrees] wraps, R.A. McDonald Co. says its machines can form 3/4-in. to 6-in. diameter edges on doors and countertops. Real wood veneers as well as all formable high pressure laminates can be formed and the machine is guaranteed against defects for one year. 373

Monco's TB 60 double-sided dry laminating system uses 14-in. diameter heated steel rolls and hydraulic pressure to laminate a wide range of thin papers and melamine papers that already have the adhesive pre-applied. The company says two men can easily laminate 10,000 square feet of good one-sided or two-sided board in less than 1 hour with a reject rate of less than 0.5%. 374

The Homag postforming system from Stiles Machinery eliminates the need for separate edging material, the company says. After hogging out the top melamine surface and substrate of a two-sided melamine board, it machines the substrate, then wraps the remaining melamine back over the core. 375

Available individually or in a compact installer's kit, Porter-Cable Corp.'s line of laminate trimmers features a slim-line design with more power for easier handling and better results. The central element in the line is Model 7310, designed for general purpose trimming. The 7310 features a Microset depth adjusting knob that lets the operator adjust and lock bit depth with pinpoint accuracy in seconds, the company says. 376

Sorbilite Inc. says its membrane press can laminate flat and shaped articles on both sides. The system works with water, and in case of rupture, all fluids are contained within the press. Features include stainless steel pumps and press tables that are guaranteed for life. 377


Arkansas Face Veneer Co. Inc. offers sliced, ready to lay fine face veneers in all foreign and domestic species in thicknesses from 1/24-in. to 1/55-in. The company also offers wood veneer edgebanding in a variety of widths and roll lengths. The edgebanding is finger-jointed in continuous rolls or strips. 378

Brookside Veneers offers a new line of polyurethane prefinished Braewood, which is also formulated for postforming and softforming applications. The environmentally-sound veneers feature a true five-step liquid polyurethane furniture finish that cannot be achieved with film overlay, the company says. 379

M. Bohlke Veneer Corp. offers a vast selection of hardwood veneers. The company says it travels the world to gather the highest quality domestic and foreign hardwoods. 380

General Woods & Veneers Ltd. says it offers veneers, lumber and logs in every imaginable domestic and exotic species. 381

Interforest offers veneers in a variety of species including: African mahogany, red and white oak, rosewood, maple, hickory, gum, birch, cedar, ash, ebony, beech, American cherry and pine. 382

Jacaranda Inc. says its SanPly-4 flexible wood veneers are made of patented four-ply construction, which virtually eliminates bubbles, lifts and checks. Available in exotic and domestic wood species, sheet sizes are 2 by 8, 3 by 8, 4 by 8 and 4 by 10, all bookmatched and sequenced A-grade veneers. 383

Oakwood Veneer Co. offers wood veneers in both 5- and 10-mil paperbacking. The 5-mil backing is available with 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive. Red oak, white oak, white ash, birch, maple, walnut, mahogany and cherry in 2-ft-by 8-ft and 4-ft-by-8-ft sizes are available for immediate delivery. The veneers are Grade A for the very least color variation and virtually no knots, the company says. 384

Oberflex Inc. offers Grade-A bookmatch veneer, laminated with high-pressure melamine to permit use of exotic woods, such as Japanese elm, European ash or African mahogany, almost anywhere without fear of damage, the company says. The veneers have a phenolic backing for easier fabrication. 385

Woodtape offers real wood sheet veneer laminated to a paper backer in light (0.020-in.) and heavy (0.025-in.) thicknesses. Sheets are flexed, filled and sanded. They come in 2-ft-by-8-ft, 3-ft-by-8-ft and 4-ft-by-8-ft sizes. They can be applied with contact adhesives or are available with a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive. 386

Idaho Veneer Co. offers pine veneers for the manufacturer of shaped windows. Sliced pine comes 1/8-in. thick, 5 in. and 7 in. wide and in lengths up to 192 in. Rotary pine is 1/10-in. thick in widths up to 48 in. and in lengths up to 100 in. A variety of grades is available. 387

Veneer equipment

Vacuum Pressing Systems Inc. offers the VacuPress system, a vacuum veneer press designed for pressing both flat and curved panels. The uniformity of atmospheric pressure, combined with the vacuum's ability to draw glue into the cell structure, assures dependable consistent results. The flexible vacuum bladders conform to almost any shape, allowing the user to press different size and shaped panels in the same operation. The VacuPress is available in three sizes, 4 in. by 8 in., 4 in. by 10 in. and 4 in. by 12 in. The Standard Model is designed for light-duty use and the Industrial model is available for heavy-duty jobs. 388

Diehl Machine's VS-81 tapeless veneer splicer can accommodate veneer strips as short as 6 in. and as thin as 1/64 in. Two strips of veneer, with edges previously jointed and glued, are laid flat at the infeed guide. Fed into the machine, the strips are invisibly spliced together under controlled heat. Features include brass wear strips, oil-mist lubrication and variable feed speeds up to 140 fpm. 389

Edgebanding materials

Therm O Web's Thick PVC Edgebanding is now available in more than 750 solid colors and in 1.4mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4.5mm, or any custom thickness. Semi-rigid edgebanding is available in rolls, while the rigid material comes in rolls or strips. The edgebanding is also available with a new UV-cured top coat for all profiles, to provide added strength and increased scratch resistance. 390

Veneers with flexible back, firm back, dual-ply, laminate back or pressure sensitive adhesive are available from Creative Products Inc. Sheets come in 2-ft-by-8-ft, 3-ft-by-8-ft and 4-ft-by-10-ft sizes. Forty species, including 24 in stock, are available cut-to-size with sequence matching. 391

Outwater Plastic/Industries now stocks a wide variety of PVC automatic edgebanding tape. This material is stocked in 10 colors and five wood grains, is sold by the coil, and can be purchased in custom colors that match Formica/Wilsonart laminates in quantities of just 3,000 ft. Other decorative varieties include a real metal anodized trim with adhesive and a metallic plastic trim with adhesive. Both are available in four finishes. 392

Frama-Tech offers over 600 colors of unglued and pre-glued PVC, melamine, polyester and all types of veneer. The company also offers a variety of mini, small and medium size edgebanders including hot bar, hot air and glue pot systems. 393

The October Co.'s Mettle Mica edgebanding is used for top inlays, cabinet and plinth base trim and additional furniture and cabinet accent purposes. The company says that easy handling and application makes it ideal for case goods, seating pieces, occasional tables, desks and architectural accents. 394 Rehau offers a 3mm PVC thick edgeband which is available in a variety of solid colors. The company says the 3mm flexible edgeband provides less memory than other thick edgebands, resulting in ease of application with standard edgebanding machines as well as the ability to accommodate radii. 395

Edgemate edgebanding from Westvaco is available in polyester, PVC, melamine, metallic and wood veneers in a variety of patterns, colors and textures, glued and non-glued. Pre-anodized aluminum metallics are laminated to a resin-impregnated backer and available in polished brass, brushed brass, polished chrome and brushed chrome. Edgebanding comes in continuous 200-ft rolls with widths ranging from 1/2in. to 12 in. 396

Charter Industries stocks five solid colors of high quality PVC mouldings: white, almond, brown, black and grey in 1/2-in, 5/8-in., 11/16-in., 3/4-in., 7/8-in., and 1 1/4-in., and two woodgrains in 5/8-in., 3/4-in., and 7/8-in. to give over 40 combinations of edgings. 397


Altendorf America offers the Brandt KD series edgebander with QCS technology. QCS allows any edgebander operator to change edging material quickly and without running trial tests or pieces. The system incorporates mechanical digital counters which can be set to 0.1mm with repeated accuracy. The QCS system is available on the KD-76 Series edgebander. The KD-76 allows the operator to edgeband PVC coils, wood edgings, and 3mm PVC. 398

Adwood Corp. offers a retrofit kit for edgebanding machines supplied by the company and many other brands. The unit is pneumatic with electric controls. It uses two 3-in. diameter medium grade wheels and switches on and off automatically as the panel proceeds through the drag chain. 399

Danckaert Woodworking Machinery features Ocmac single- and double-sided edgebanding machines. Included is the Series HS for edgebanding material up to 10mm wide, Series BS for material up to 20mm wide, and HF 30 for material up to 30mm wide. Specialty machines for the application of 3mm and 5mm PVC material are available. 400

Fletcher Machine Co. Inc. offers two versions of its single edge machines, the FM-55 for larger volume and the FM-45 for medium-volume production. The company also offers the FM-82 flatline laminator, the FM-806 wheel grinders and the new FM-86 foil slitter. This machine enables manufacturers to save by buying foils in large rolls and then slit it to their desired width. 401

Quattro-Tech offers the IDM Euromatic I-45. The machine features new scaping units standard on all of its edgebanders. In addition to scraping excess glue, the units help eliminate chatter marks on rounded edges, the company says. 402

The IMA QuadroMat from Roger Stiles & Assoc. Inc. features a shuttle device that returns the workpiece after it has been edgebanded. This allows one man to load and unload workpieces the company says. At Ligna, IMA demonstrated a one-man cabinet shop incorporating the QuadroMat and a CNC machining center. Routed and drilled pieces were fed onto the edgebander; while the pieces were beingbanded, the operator assembled cabinets. 403

Richard T. Byrnes Co. Inc. offers the Byrnes/Manea Model BCM/2 edgebander for straight and shaped workpieces. Used for applying edges with hot melt glue, the BCM/2 has the special feature of applying the glue to either the panel edge or to the gluing material to be banded. By slanting the work table, edges can be bevelled up to 20 [degrees]. The unit can be equipped with coil feed attachment with electronic control of the guillotine and automatic feed devices. The available attachments are reported to increase the BCM/2's versatility and productivity. 404

SCMI offers a new range of edgebanders aimed at the small- and medium- sized companies. The four models are designed for a complete range of panel edging applications. These edgebanders feature: high-speed operating groups, capacity to edge both rolled edges and edges strips, practical setting up by means of a numerical indicator, a new store for rolled edges and a new system for fixing of groups. 405

Holz-Her U.S. Inc. offers the Accord industrial edgebander in 10 frame-lengths and 26 working units. Depending on frame-length, Accord may be ordered with up to 9 working units including various trimming units, dado, profiling, sanding, etc. A 2-motor end-trimming unit is standard on all models 1441 through 1450 and a buffer is standard on all 10 models. 406

Doucet Machineries Inc. says its conveyor offers a solution to panel problems, converts a 2 men operation into a one man job and can be used with any edgebander make or model. It features: 24 in. by 5 in. receiving table; 24 in. by 15 in. return conveyor; line shaft type drive; 60 fpm speed; and air and electric controls. 407

Tekna offers the Olimpic Formula edgebanding machine, aimed at meeting the edgebanding needs of middle-scale companies. The Formula features: new design glue-pot; new cut-off saw with machining speeds of 25 m/min with edge thickness of up to 6mm for a height of 60mm; and trimmer with double follower disks. 408

Stefani group offers a new patented process of achieving a formed edge on a panel. The Preforming process receives a conventional melamine, continuous laminate, or veneer surfaced panel and processes the edge in such a way to wrap the laminate over the profiled edge while removing any potential for telegraphing of the core through the laminate. 409

The single-sided EB-77S2 edgebanding machine from SL Woodworking has been specially developed to apply edging material such as PVC and veneer in coils. When equipped with the SL universal feeding device option, it can feed PVC, high pressure laminate and wood in strip form, the company says. 410

Solid surfacing materials

Gibraltar from Ralph Wilson Plastics may be routed, grooved and shaped like fine hardwood with many of the same tools and techniques. But design options are limitless, the company says, for creating custom edge treatments and sandwiching contrasting colors. Gibraltar colors exactly match Wilsonart decorative laminates for complete interior coordination. 411

The Crystelle Collection, Avonite's newest solid surfacing product, is characterized by particulate sizes that graduate from specks to nearly 3/8-in. nuggets, simulating the intricate and varied patterns of natural granite. Colors are variegated, from palest translucency to opaque intensity. 412

Formica Corp. offers three new granite color treatments in Surell solid surfacing material: Teal, a rich blue-green; Tidal Sand, a warm almond; and Fire Stone, a soft terra cotta. Surell is now available in six granite patterns including Moonlight, Silverado and Graphite, and five pastels. 413

Guardsman Products says the rigid, non-porous surface of Solidex solid surfacing material won't support bacterial growth, which makes it ideal for use in restaurants, medical facilities and other commercial and institutional applications. A patented "In the Groove" system interlocks top and edge, reducing installation time by 75 percent, according to the company, and allows a custom edge for every project. For major projects involving large quantities of Solidex, custom colors are available. 414

Nevamar Corp. has added single bowl sinks to its Fountainhead line of solid surfacing material. They are said to be ideal for odd-sized spaces where installation of standard sinks might be difficult, thus allowing greater flexibility in kitchen design. The sinks come in Classic White, Architectural White and Sand Beige, and can be combined with colored inlay at the seam and drainboard. 415

Five natural stone colors are included in Corian's new Jewel Series, an extension of DuPont's Sierra Collection. Burnt Amber is a rich, earthy brown; Garnet, a deep burgundy; Black Pearl, dramatic black; Sapphire, deep blue; and Jade, hunter green. The Jewel Series, which is available in sheets for horizontal and vertical applications, brings the company's color choices to a total of 18. 416

Safras Corp. says its Galaxy Granules, a polyester particulate, are stain and corrosion resistant, color consistent and Class A fire retardant. The product is available in 38 stock color blends and unlimited custom colors for fabricating granite-look countertops, sinks, tubs and a wide range of other functional and decorative products. 417

DurAllure solid surface countertops from VT Industries Inc. come in standard sizes, island dimensions and backsplashes and feature a special groove in the edge that accepts different woods, metals, laminates and solid surface strips. Four colors are available: Alpine White, Cameo, Pepperstone and Spicestone. 418


Jowat's Jowatherm 286 00 (pellet) and Jowatherm 286 60 (cartridge) are EVA medium low viscosity hotmelts for automatic edgebanding. They are suitable for solid woods, veneer, PVC and resinated paper edgebands, Especially designed for HPL, but it also works with soft forming applications. Available in natural, black, brown and black. 419

Swift Adhesives says its BAND-LOK series of edgebanding and softforming adhesive products provides a superior bond with a wide variety of materials. They are available in colors to complement all surfaces. The company adds that the hotmelts have good machinability and heat resistance and stability. 420

Canplast says its new hotmelt offers improved thermal property because the material is exposed only 160 seconds to heat, increased loading capacity due to compact granule size, and reduced fume emission due to the smaller granules. It bonds all edgebanding materials and is available in natural, black, white and brown, in granules (type 2055) and cartridge (2022). 421

The 9000 series thermosetting emulsions especially suited for curved plywood, truck flooring, window and doors and other woodworking applications has been introduced by the Adhesives and Resins North America Group of Borden Inc. They are said to offer fast cure speeds and Type I water-resistant bonds and excellent wet use performance. The emulsions are formulated for conventional hot pressing or high frequency curing operations. 422

National Starch and Chemical Co./Bondmaster Products has developed a family of PUR-FECT LOC reactive urethanes designed to stand up to rough treatment and maintain very strong bonds. PUR-FECT LOK adhesives, available in advanced hotmelts and one and two-part liquid systems provide durable yet flexible bonds between a wide range of substrates, including wood, EPS, styrofoam, PVC, plastics and stainless, painted or galvanized steel. PUR-FECT LOK adhesive bonds resist temperature extremes, water and many chemicals, including oils, solvents and plasticizers. 423

National Casein Co.'s CL 1809 CL 8800 and CL 4400 series of polyvinyl crosslinking resin emulsion adhesives, when mixed with the appropriate catalyst, provide a Type II water-resistant bond. These systems are recommended for use when laminating a wide variety of porous and semi-porous substrates to hardboard, particleboard and other wood species. One part precatalyzed versions of the products are also available. 424

H.B. Fuller offers adhesives to fit a variety of woodworking needs including water-based, solvent cements, hotmelts and thermosets. A brochure is available which features a comparison chart for film laminating and a troubleshooting guide for water-based laminating. 425

Smith & Co. says its epoxy adhesives and fillers, originally developed for marine use, will bond all woods. The true adhesive bond is waterproof and permanent; epoxies have a 1:1 mix ration. Application notes tell how the adhesives work and how the coating systems are designed. 426

Franklin International offers booklets on calculating joint preparation, adhesive spread, pressing and moisture content. Also offered is literature on RF gluing and adhesive troubleshooting. 427

3M/Converter Specialties Div. says its Scotch brand pressure-sensitive laminating adhesive offers a high performance bond to a variety of surfaces, holding and resistance to lifting and easy application without solvent odors. 428

SEACO offers polyvinyl acetate adhesives for edgebanding and wrapping. The company offers a tri-fold brochure which explains which product is suggested for each job. 429

Bostik says its Supergrip 2000 is the first production adhesive to combine the strength of an epoxy with the convenience of a hotmelt. The company adds that its Gripper 2000 applicator, designed especially for the adhesive, handles continuous production easily because of its two-cartridge pre-heater. 430

ITW Devcon/Plexus Adhesive Systems offers a full line of methacrylate and epoxy structural adhesives for engineered plastic manufacturing applications that require high mechanical properties, excellent rheology, unattended room temperature curing, compatibility with a wide range of substrates and minimal surface preparation. 431 Smooth-On Inc. offers a two-part adhesive which provides a fast bond for temporary tacking. The epoxy reportedly bonds surfaces of almost any joint thickness, including glass, ceramics, hard plastics, wood, masonry and most metals. 432

Ashland Chemical Co. says its Isoset adhesive system is ideal for structural or non-structural wood-to-wood bonding or for bonding wood to any other material. They cure to form water-, chemical-, and heat-resistant bonds between wood and substrates like metal, plywood, high-pressure laminates, particleboard or other porous or non-porous substrates. 433

Imperial Adhesives offers a tri-fold booklet which lists its adhesives definitions, functions and characteristics. 434

Gluing equipment

Accu-System's Model GS-1 glue shooter is designed to shoot a metered amount of glue for dowel hole construction, in furniture or case goods assembly. The company says it is excellent for small batch work, or for shops just getting into doweling that cannot justify an automatic dowel inserter. The unit has an adjustable electronic timer for setting the proper amount of glue. 435

The Rosenquist electro-flow is a high production continuous radio frequency edge gluer and rim banding system. This system will operate with feed speeds up to 20 fpm, with a maximum of four ribbons of material being processed at once. The radio frequency generator rapidly cures the adhesive while the hydraulic drive and retard systems apply the edge gluing pressure. A flying cutoff saw cuts the material to the desired width. 436

The Harvor Group says its Glue Max adhesive spray system virtually never needs emptying or cleaning. Glue Max is mobile and requires only 5 cfm of air at 60-90 psi for a smooth application of a wide range of solvent-based glues. 437

Adwood Corp. presents a new line of hand held glue spreaders for common wood glues and contact cement. Two models are available -- one economical 5 1/2-in. spreader with sturdy ABS hopper and one heavy-duty 7 in. aluminum spreader. Both spreaders have a glue flow control in order to spread an even and uniform coat of glue to the substrate. A special storage container avoids daily cleaning. 438

Nordson Corp.'s Model 5550 Bulk Melter/Applicator melts and pumps directly from a 55-gal drum in conjunction with Nordson manual or automatic guns for spray or bead extrusion in either single or dual gun/hose applications. 439

Polzer electrically heated single station gluing machines, available from Abrasive Engineering & Mfg., glue solid wood, laminate and layers of wood. Features of the Type EVS-1 include: six hydraulic cylinders, two hydraulic cylinders for top plate pressure, two heating plates with Eloxal coating and thermostat-control at 6 kW, automatic timer, ejector plate and safety fence. 440

PHOTO : The Buerkle Multiform Press from European Woodworking Machinery functions like a membrane press except it works without the membrane for thermoforming of a vinyl overlay to a substrate.

PHOTO : Quattro-Tech offers the IDM Euromatic 1-45. The machine features new scaping units standard on all of its edgebanders.

PHOTO : Stefani group's preforming process removes any potential of telegraphing.

PHOTO : Therm O Web's Thick PVC Edgebanding is available in more than 750 colors and in a variety of thicknesses.

PHOTO : Adwood Corp. presents a new line of hand held glue-spreaders for common wood glues and contact cement.

PHOTO : Vacuum Pressing Systems' VacuPress is designed for pressing both flat and curved panels. The standard model is for light-duty use and the industrial model is for heavy-duty jobs.

PHOTO : Canplast says its new hotmelt offers improved thermal property.

PHOTO : Westinghouse's Long Gray Line comes in pale hues of silver, soft and velour gray.

PHOTO : Outwater Plastic/Industries' PVC automatic edgebanding tape is available in 10 colors and five wood grains.

PHOTO : The IMA QuadroMat from Roger Stiles & Assoc. features a shuttle device that returns the workpiece after it has been edgebanded.

PHOTO : Abet Laminati's Color Speciali features 24 new color groups including Messicani and Americani.

PHOTO : American Clamping offers Bessey's Variable Angle Device for clamping

profiles, flat to round objects and other round objects.

PHOTO : Holzma offers Friz profile wrapping machines to apply decorative PVC, paper overlays, or wood veneer to profiled substrates of composite boards or solid lumber.

PHOTO : The Homag postforming system from Stiles Machinery eliminates the need for separate edging material, the company says.

PHOTO : Wemhoner membrane presses can perform double-sided production and laminate foil and veneer on 3-D profiled core materials.

PHOTO : Byrnes/Manea's BCM/2 applies glue to either the panel edge or material to be banded.

PHOTO : Laminated Plastics' Matrix pattern laminates comes in textured and gloss finishes.

PHOTO : Flexible Materials offers pre-finished and unfinished veneers in 40 species.

PHOTO : Accu-System's Model GS-1 glue shooter is designed to shoot a metered amount of glue.
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