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Lame ducks soar in Toronto: foreign military attaches rule the rink over archrivals at Canadian Forces College.

Foreign military officers posted to embassies in Canada's national capital have the unique opportunity to skate with the Lame Ducks hockey team. For many of these professional warriors, it is their first experience on ice skates, let alone playing Canada's national sport in full protective equipment.

Over time, it has evolved that the Lame Ducks play an annual home and away exhibition series against a squad of international students posted to the Canadian Forces College (CFC) in Toronto. Like the Lame Ducks, many of these foreign military students never laced up a pair of skates before coming to Canada, but hockey training is part of their mandatory physical fitness routine while at CFC. Typically, CFC students are 10 to 15 years younger than the Lame Duck attaches and, as a result, in previous years the CFC squad has easily manhandled the Lame Ducks. But not this year.

First off, the Lame Ducks won in Ottawa on February 13 with a workmanlike 3:1 victory over their juniors. The CFC students vowed revenge on their home ice. Heading into that pivotal May 14 game in Toronto, the Lame Ducks were seemingly in a tight spot. Due to outside commitments, only 11 attaches were able to make the trip, and those absent included both of the regular Lame Duck goalies.


Fearlessly, Israeli Colonel Adam Sussman volunteered to make his rookie debut between the pipes. His courage was infectious.

Despite having a short bench, the Lame Ducks came out flying in the first period, establishing a solid 4:1 lead. However, the CFC squad battled back with two unanswered goals in the second period to cut the Lame Ducks' lead to just one. Digging deep in the final stretch, the Lame Ducks exploded in the third period with three goals to bury the CFC students by a final score of 7:3.

Note: The next contest for the soaring Lame Ducks will be the June 1 Commando Challenge fundraising event where they will face the Esprit de Corps Commando Lites. (Come cheer on the Ducks at 3:30 pm at the Jim Durrell Arena in Ottawa on June 1!) These two teams have met twice so far in 2017, and that best-of-three series is tied at one game apiece.

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Date:Jun 1, 2017
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