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CASTAWAY star Trish Prater has urged the comeback show's contestants to think again.

The Scot who found love on the BBC survival series warned the reality show could wreck lives.

She said: "I never wanted fame but reality TV shows are now full of people who crave it.

"I'd never go on another one and my advice to genuine people is don't. "If you are shy and ' lack confidence you'll be ' like a lamb to the slaughter. "Every aspect of your life will be scrutinised.

"Is it worth it? I would not rule out another relationship... but not one conducted on TV."

Trish's relationship with fellow Castaway Trevor Kearon thrilled viewers of the hit series set on Taransay in the Outer Hebrides and produced daughter Erin, now five.

But the couple, who moved to a remote Scots island in real life, have since split.

Trish, 43, told how trying to hold down a relationship after meeting on Castaway 2000 had not been easy and issued a stark warning to the stars of the new show.

The BBC show, which will star just young people and couples, has been switched to sunny Great Barrier Island in New Zealand.

And instead of lasting a year, the show - presented by Danny Wallace and starting on Friday - will only run for 14 weeks.

She said: "Reality shows now pick people in a different way. The more wacky you are, the better.

"They push the boundaries all the time. Look at Jade Goody on Big Brother. She wouldn't have lasted on Castaway. She would have stormed off."

Trish, of Glasgow, and Liverpudlian Trevor, 41, became Britain's first couple to find love on a reality show.

They were picked from more than 4000 hopefuls and with 36 others had to survive on the storm-lashed isle without the trappings of modern life.

Four years ago, they bought a rundown hotel on Rousay on Orkney and invited tourists to "castaway with the castaways".

But the pressure of running the hotel took its toll and they split last year.

Trevor is back on the island but the pair are just friends.

Trish, who has three other children - Joanna, 21, Jodene, 18, and Michael, 16 - said: "We are trying to be good parents for Erin."

Trevor, who invents educational board games, added: "You must stay friends for the sake of the children but Trish and I would be great friends regardless. This is real life, not reality TV."



Oars of fun: Danny Wallace will present the new series from New Zealand; Love island: Trish and Trevor conceived Erin on Taransay
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 4, 2007
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