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Lake Qaraoun Pollution Prevention Project.

Region : Middle East and North Africa

Commitment Amount : US$ 55.00 million

Sectors :

Agricultural extension and research-10%

Wastewater Collection and Transportation-80%

Solid waste management-10%

Themes :

Pollution management and environmental health-70%

Water resource management-30%

Project Description

The project will comprise the following components

Component 1. Improve the collection of the municipal sewage (US$ 45 million). This component will finance activities that increase sewerage collection in areas where waste water treatment plants have already been constructed in order to maximize the utilization of investments already made: - It is likely to finance expansion of service coverage for sewerage collection in the villages of Kaa El Reem, Hazarta, Karak in the Greater Zahl (estimated between 70-90 km of network). This sewage network will be connected to the Zahl Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) which has a capacity of 56,000 m3/day. Zahl WWTP is funded by the Italian Cooperation and is expected to become operational in February 2014. - This component will also examine the possibility of expanding sewage collection to cover Zahl East and South (Masse, Raite, Dei Ghazal, Koussaya, Ain Kaferzebd, Kfar Zabad, Terbol, Dalhmyat) if Zahl WWTP can accommodate the flow of these additional villages. This is estimated at about 120 km of networks. - It will also look at completing the sewage coverage to maximize the utilization of 3 small size wastewater treatment plants constructed by USAID (El Ferzol, Ablah and Aitanit/Qaraoun) and now being operated by the municipalities.

Component 2. Increase the adoption of IPM practices (US$ 1.5 million).

This component will build and strengthen the capacity of farmers in the project area to implement integrated pest management (IPM) practices and to reduce the application of chemical fertilizers. This will allow farmers to reduce the quantities of pesticides and fertilizers used without reducing yields. The emphasis will be on irrigated farms in the West Bekaa district, given the close proximity

to Lake Qaraoun and to the main course of the Litani River immediately upstream from the lake

Component 3. Capacity Building, Technical Studies and Project Management (US$ 3.5 million)

Capacity building. This component will fund institutional technical assistance for the Bekaa Water and Wastewater Establishment (BWWE) by building on the capacity strengthening that has been initiated under the Bank-financed Baalbeck Water and Wastewater Project (P074042), which closed in June, 2012 and on GiZ support, which is phasing out from the water sector in Lebanon. It will also support the Litani River Authority (LRA) by building on activities achieved under the USAID Litani River Basin Management Support Program and continue to focus on strengthening its capacity to monitor water resources, manage irrigation system, improve risk management, and strengthen institutional capacity to s

Project completion date : 2023-06-30 12:00:00


Address : Tallet Al Serail

Riad El Solh


Country :Lebanon

Email :

Url :

Financier : WORLD BANK (WB),

Financier address : World Bank

1818 H Street, NW

Washington, DC 20433 USA

Phone: (202) 473-1000

Fax: (202) 477-6391

Contact:Maria Sarraf

Title:Lead Environment Specialist


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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 22, 2016
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