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Lake Dan Augmentation.

Project Description: Lake Dan is located within the Eldridge-Wilde Wellfield (ELW). The project proposes to use existing production well ELW-139 to provide groundwater augmentation for Lake Dan. This well is currently used to provide augmentation to Lake Dan, or potable water to the ELW system, or both as controlled by a valve at the well house. The existing pipeline that conveys flow from the well to Lake Dan discharges within a private property outparcel next to the lake. This pipeline will be replaced along a different alignment avoiding the outparcel. The project will also separate ELW-139 from the Consolidated WUP, as well as the physical wellfield system so that its output is dedicated to Lake Dan. Instrumentation and controls will be installed for remote monitoring of lake levels and operation of the augmentation facilities.

Project Purpose: This project will provide a Water Use Permit (WUP) and dedicated infrastructure to provide groundwater augmentation to Lake Dan, which has been partially impacted by pumpage at the Eldridge-Wilde Wellfield (ELW). Tampa Bay Water has augmented Lake Dan using production well ELW-139 since acquiring ELW from Pinellas County. Augmentation flow is counted against the Consolidated WUP 90 MGD 12-month running average production limit. With a separate WUP, augmentation flows will no longer count against the 90 MGD limit. This project has been accepted by the District as a Phase 1 Mitigation Plan project. This project will also assist Lake Dan meet its established regulatory Minimum Level under 40D-8 FAC

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Nov 27, 2014
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