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Lady Berlin, Grande Dame of London's Literary World, Dies at 99.

Aline Elisabeth Yvonne de Gunzbourg, later Lady Berlin, died on August 25 in London at the age of 99. The youngest daughter of an aristocratic French-Jewish family of Russian descent and a remarkable woman in her own right, she was married in turn to three eminent men. Her first husband, Andre ("Dede") Strauss, was the scion of a prominent French-Jewish banking and art-collecting family; The second, Austrian physicist of Jewish origin, Hans Halban, was later an important figure in the Manhattan Project; The last was Riga-born English philosopher Isaiah Berlin. The London publishing house that her son Peter and daughter-in-law Martine founded was profiled in Tablet earlier this year.

Aline was born in 1915 in London, the fourth child of Baron Pierre de Gunzbourg. Her grandfather, Baron Horace de Gunzburg, was a banker and prominent philanthropisthe was ennobled by the Grand Duke of Hesse and the title was recognised by the Russian Tzar. The typically Francophile family split their time between the Russian capital of St. Petersburg and Paris. Aline was raised in Paris, in an apartment in the luxurious hotel particulier built by her maternal grandfather that came complete with footmen in green velvet livery. Much of her childhood was spent golfing, and she triumphed as champion at the 1934 French Ladies' Open.

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Author:Davidzon, Vladislav
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Date:Sep 10, 2014
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