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EVERY Mario release reeks of quality. The standard bearer for Nintendo, the cheerful Italian plumber is now diversifying to the 3D world, but he and his pals still manage to deliver another perfectly crafted platform adventure. The story is nothing special - Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach - but this time, Mario has another objective. With each of the dozens of levels littered with coins, players have to swipe as many as they can, because the game now records all the coins you collect throughout the game, offering up goodies as your haul increases. Plus, in Coin Rush mode, you can compare your coin-gathering expertise against your buddies around the globe UNCHARTED GOLDEN ABYSS: PS VITA, pounds 37.99 NATHAN Drake has enjoyed some pretty stupendous adventures, and another one now awaits. Well, two really. First, a prequel tale to the PS3 titles that rivals those you'll have more than likely already played through, and secondly a dangerous dalliance on Sony's new handheld PS Vita as a triple-A launch title. And this game will do a darn good job of shifting thousands of the system. Everything about Golden Abyss reeks of Uncharted quality. Impeccable voice acting, cracking THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME NINTENDO 3DS, pounds 39.99 THE Nintendo 64 version of Ocarina Of Time, released way back in 1998, is widely considered to be one of the finest video games ever to grace living room TVs. So what tricks could be up Nintendo's sleeve when reviving this Zelda for the handheld 3D treatment? Well, the graphical re-mastering is phenomenal in 3D, via StreetPass. While New Super Mario Bros 2 offers little in the way of innovation and new surprises to seasoned gamers, no one can deny that it's still a superb platformer that most other 3DS games would be delighted to emulate.

puzzles, an engrossing storyline, amazing cinematic set pieces and some innovative uses of the Vita's front touchscreen and back touch panel. It's a truly beautiful adventure, too, which is probably why a collection of camera-based quests made it into the game, as well as the regular physics-based puzzles, to remind you that what you're looking at here is a work of art on the small screen.

Those who may have been waiting for the PS Vita to fall flat on its face at launch will be sorely disappointed. The power is now well and truly in your hands.

and the reworked control system is perfectly played out on the handheld system. There are even two all-new challenges from the original, exclusive to the 3DS - Master Quest and Boss Challenge - which will provide a unique experience even to those who already conquered the land of Hyrule with Link more than a decade ago. New life has been breathed into this timeless classic, and no one should miss out on it second time around.
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Date:Aug 11, 2012
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