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Ladle linings decrease costs, save foundry $244,000.

Officials at Grinnel Manufacturing Div., Columbia, Pennsylvania, reduced their daily production costs by nearly a quarter of a million dollars by using the Kaltek|R~ cold ladle lining system, developed by Foseco, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.

Used to fill Disamatic-produced molds, the system provides a high degree of insulation to molten iron. Because it allows lower tap temperatures and a reduced temperature deviation, the linings greatly improved process consistency, resulting in higher quality castings with more efficient use of alloys and energy.

The ductile and malleable iron foundry witnessed a reduction in misruns, shrinkage and slag-related defects. In addition, the system eliminated several temperature-related problems.

The Kaltek linings provided higher alloy recovery and a 10% savings in alloys charged, as well as lower energy costs. Because heat loss was reduced by 30% over the original lining and a constant pouring temperature was achieved, holding furnace temperatures could be reduced by 50|degrees~F. No preheating is required.

Refractory costs also were greatly reduced. The outer lining has a much longer life than original linings acting alone in direct contact with molten metal. The linings virtually eliminated chipping and repairs to ladles, and nozzle maintenance, which resulted in increased productivity through greater up-time. Autopour box investment also was lower, since boxes seldom distort or need replacement.

With two online boxes and two shifts per day, refractory lining costs were cut to $2.40 from the previous daily costs of $121.12. The system also eliminated costs of additional alloys, energy and quality costs. Grinnell found annual savings using the Kaltek insulating linings to be $244,589.
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Title Annotation:Product Innovations; malleable iron foundry of Grinnell Corp. Manufacturing Division
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Oct 1, 1992
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