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Ladies and gentlemen: time to soften up.

The Sense Body Collection includes an aloe cream, exfoliating cream, dry oil, and moisturizing body lotion for women, and aloe cream and exfoliating cream for men. The Ananda Collection is an infusion of wild herbs and seasonal fruits of clementines, cranberries, and pomegranates, which richly hydrate the skin and uplift the senses for a healthy and harmonious body; whereas the Mukti Collection is an infusion of exotic wilderness, with the simplicity of wild herbs such as aloe vera, ginger, and primula that richly revitalize the body's skin cells to enliven a free spirit.

Ananda for women; Mukti for men. Ananda and Mukti are derived from the Hindu language: the former means perfect bliss, joy, and well-being; the latter, liberation.

* Aloe Fresh ($32, women; $28, men) is a fast-absorbing formulation of natural aloe vera extracts to moisturize and repair damaged skin, leaving it feeling fresh, soft, rejuvenated, and full of vitality. The aloe vera extracts normalize skin's moisture levels while providing suppleness and firmness--and is suitable for all skin types. Aloe Fresh is best when applied daily to keep the skin conditioned between waxing visits.

* Exfo Cream ($33, women; $28, men) is an exfoliating cream formulated with apricot seed extract, ginger, and a hint of primula (botanical herb) to hydrate skin and stimulate cell renewal. Apricot seed extract buffs skin's outer layer, while the ginger and primula work to smooth and hydrate. Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hair. Follow with Hydra Intense (below) after exfoliating,

* Dry Oil ($32, women) is a quick-absorbing body treatment that glides on easily to hydrate the body by enveloping it in a veil of nourishment. Infused with a wild geraniums and winter citrus fruits extracts, this formulation is rich in antioxidants. An added boost of essential oils help to lock in moisture, soothe dry areas, and improve overall skin texture and tone. Suitable for all skin types.

* Hydra Intense ($31, women) is formulated with a powerful blend of ginger and madreselva (honeysuckle) to deeply hydrate, heal, and protect the skin. Rich in antioxidants, this formula is designed to improve skin's elasticity for up to 24 hours. Suitable for dry to very dry skin. For maximum hydration, apply after showering to moist skin and massage in a gentle circular motion.

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