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By activating lactoferrin, researchers were able to reduce L. monocytogenes to nondetectable levels. L. monocytogenes was the bacterium most sensitive to lactoferrin activated by citric, malic and lactic acids in combination with the chelator EDTA. Interaction of lactoferrin with food components will reduce its antimicrobial effectiveness.

Other research, however, has shown that antimicrobial substances could be successfully incorporated into edible films covering meat surfaces. That prompted scientists to examine whether using lactoferrin in this manner would be effective. Incorporation of lactoferrin into film will prevent diffusion of the lactoferrin into the meat and enable it to maintain its antimicrobial activity on the surface. This will provide a continuous barrier to contamination by pathogens on foods until the time of consumption.

Researchers are still seeking a film matrix suitable to maintain the effectiveness level in the coating.

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Publication:Microbial Update International
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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