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Retail therapies. AMY PACKER Feb 9, 2021 212
The Effect of Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp. and Enterobacteriaceae on the Development of Whey Protein Levels and Oxidative Stress Markers in Cows with Diagnosed Mastitis. Puppel, Kamila; Kalinska, Aleksandra; Slosarz, Magdalena Kot Jan Report Sep 1, 2020 4512
Lactoferrin Functionalized Biomaterials: Tools for Prevention of Implant-Associated Infections. Pall, Emoke; Roman, Alexandra Report Aug 1, 2020 7679
Lactoferrin Boosts mmunity to Fight Cancer. Jul 1, 2020 187
Antiviral Action of Native and Methylated Lactoferrin and [beta]-Lactoglobulin against Potato Virus Y (PVY) Infected into Potato Plants Grown in an Open Field. Sitohy, Mahmoud; Taha, Soad; Osman, Ali; Abdel-Hamid, Mahmoud; Hamed, Ali; Abdelbacki, Ashraf Report Jul 1, 2020 7027
Lactoferrin Helps Fight Infectious Diseases. Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 153
LACTOFERRIN Helps Protect Against Viruses. Miller, Tom Jun 1, 2020 1900
Antagonistic Peptides That Specifically Bind to the First and Second Extracellular Loops of CCR5 and Anti-IL-23p19 Antibody Reduce Airway Inflammation by Suppressing the IL-23/Th17 Signaling Pathway. Zhang, Yingli; Liang, Rongrong; Xie, Aicen; Shi, Wenqian; Huang, Huarong; Zhong, Yingqiang May 31, 2020 6549
Innate Antimicrobial Defense of Skin and Oral Mucosa. Wertz, Philip W.; de Szalay, Sarah Editorial Apr 1, 2020 4227
Lactoferrin Promotes Bone Growth and Strength: Osteoporosis plagues millions of older adults, weakening bones and leading to fractures. Ryan, Richard Apr 1, 2020 1804
EFFECT OF PEPTIDES SYNTHESIZED FROM LACTOFERRIN OF BUFFALO MILK ON OXIDATIVE STRESS IN KUNMING MICE. P. Yang, M. Abel-Hamid, E. Romieh, L. Huang, Q. K. Zeng, H. R. Nong, L. Feng, Y. Tang and L. Li Feb 12, 2020 3437
Global Lactoferrin Market Drivers, Constraints, Threats Challenges & Opportunities During the Forecast Period, 2018-2027. Jan 15, 2020 828
The Bovine Antimicrobial Peptide Lactoferricin Interacts with Polysialic Acid without Loss of Its Antimicrobial Activity against Escherichia coli. Kuhnle, Andrea; Galuska, Christina E.; Zlatina, Kristina; Galuska, Sebastian P. Report Jan 1, 2020 5659
Bovine Lactoferrin Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2028 / Radiant Insights, Inc. Dec 9, 2019 639
Correlation Between Salivary Anxiety Markers and Salivary Biochemical Markers in Children with Primary and Mixed Dentition/Sut ve Karisik Dislenme Donemindeki Cocuklarda Tukuruk Anksiyete Belirtecleri ve Tukuruk Biyokimyasal Belirtecler Arasindaki Korelasyon. Oktay, Sehkar; Demirel, Sezin; Ustundag, Unsal Veli; Korkmaz, Betul; Eskiocak, Gizem; Akyuz, Serap; Dec 1, 2019 4840
Global Lactoferrin 2019 Industry Trends, Sales, Supply, Demand, Analysis & Forecast to 2024. Nov 22, 2019 1105
Recommendations Developed for Evaluating Chronic Diarrhea; AGA recommends fecal calprotectin, lactoferrin for screening for inflammatory bowel disease. Sep 27, 2019 241
Innate Immunity Signatures of Early Childhood Caries (ECC) And Severe Early Childhood Caries (S-ECC). Astuti, Eko Sri Yuni; Sukrama, I.Dewa Made; Mahendra, Agung Nova Report Sep 1, 2019 3188
Effects of pentasa-combined probiotics on the microflora structure and prognosis of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Fan, Hua; Du, Juan; Liu, Xia; Zheng, Wei-Wei; Zhuang, Ze-Hao; Wang, Cheng-Dang; Gao, Rui Aug 1, 2019 2856
Effects of pentasa-combined probiotics on the microflora structure and prognosis of patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Fan, Hua; Du, Juan; Liu, Xia; Zheng, Wei-Wei; Zhuang, Ze-Hao; Wang, Cheng-Dang; Gao, Rui Aug 1, 2019 3013
Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease in Saliva: A Systematic Review. Gleerup, Helena Sophia; Hasselbalch, Steen Gregers; Simonsen, Anja Hviid May 31, 2019 5867
Lactoferrin Market Latest Trends, Demand and Analysis 2026. Apr 2, 2019 1239
Design and Testing of Dual-Targeted [Gd.sub.3]N@C80-Containing Glioblastoma Theranostics. Tedla, Getachew; Plotkin, Jesse; Dellinger, Anthony; Kepley, Christopher Mar 31, 2019 7336
Lactoferrin Supplements Market To Make Great Impact In Near Future by 2018-2027. Mar 4, 2019 833
Learn details of the Advances in Lactoferrin Supplements Market Forecast and Segments, 2018 to 2027. Feb 26, 2019 1075
Lactoferrin Supplements Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2018 to 2027. Feb 26, 2019 1034
Lactoferrin a multifunctional protein. Dec 10, 2018 1858
Effects of Topical Thymoquinone in an Experimental Dry Eye Model. Kocaturk, Tolga; Erkan, Erol; Meteoglu, Ibrahim; Ekici, Mehmet; Buyukozturk, Aslihan Karul; Yavasogl Nov 1, 2018 4954
Scientists discover protein against tumours. May 6, 2018 236
Application of Lactoferrin and [alpha]1-Antitrypsin in Gingival Retention Fluid to Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease. Koshi, Ryosuke; Kotani, Kazuhiko; Ohtsu, Mariko; Yoshinuma, Naoto; Sugano, Naoyuki Jan 1, 2018 3948
Studies on the Interaction between Three Small Flavonoid Molecules and Bovine Lactoferrin. Huang, Junyi; Liu, Zhenmin; Ma, Qiaorong; He, Ziyu; Niu, Zhidian; Zhang, Mengying; Pan, Liu; Qu, Xia Jan 1, 2018 5188
Evaluation of microbiological, cellular and risk factors associated with subclinical mastitis in female buffaloes. Moura, Emmanuella de Oliveira; Rangel, Adriano Henrique do Nascimento; de Melo, Maria Celeste Nunes; Report Sep 1, 2017 8384
Isolation of Lactoferrin from Camel Milk through Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography and its Antagonistic Activity against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Niaz, Bushra; Zahoor, Tahir; Randhawa, Muhammad Atif; Jamil, Amer Report Aug 31, 2017 4498
Human lactoferrin efficiently targeted into caprine beta-lactoglobulin locus with transcription activator-like effector nucleases. Yuan, Yu-Guo; Song, Shao-Zheng; Zhu, Meng-Ming; He, Zheng-Yi; Lu, Rui; Zhang, Ting; Mi, Fei; Wang, J Report Aug 1, 2017 4878
Novel Biomarkers and the Future Potential of Biomarkers in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Duvoisin, Gilles; Lopez, Robert N.; Day, Andrew S.; Lemberg, Daniel A.; Gearry, Richard B.; Leach, S Report Jan 1, 2017 7706
NutriScience launches Spray-Dried Lactoferrin. Jun 1, 2016 121
A bacteria-killing 'virus' built from breast milk. Gough, Myles Brief article Jun 1, 2016 198
Lactoferrin promotes healthy healing after cataract surgery. Mueller, Miles Report May 1, 2016 1435
Glanbia increases lactoferrin production capabilities. Jun 1, 2015 189
Glanbia increases lactoferrin production capabilities. May 1, 2015 189
Engineer composition, structure of interfacial layer in emulsion-based delivery systems. Apr 1, 2015 359
Lactoferrin function in reducing and oxidizing environments. Brock, Hannibel; Schmidt, Bryan Author abstract Apr 1, 2015 252
Weight loss benefits of Lactoferrin. Mollica, Monica; Brink, Will Report May 1, 2014 2980
Diethylstilbestrol (DES)-stimulated hormonal toxicity is mediated by ER[alpha] alteration of target gene methylation patterns and epigenetic modifiers (DNMT3A, MBD2, and HDAC2) in the mouse seminal vesicle. Li, Yin; Hamilton, Katherine J.; Lai, Anne Y.; Burns, Katherine A.; Li, Leping; Wade, Paul A.; Korac Report Mar 1, 2014 7032
Study on the therapeutic benefit on lactoferrin in patients with colorectal cancer receiving chemotherapy. Moastafa, Tarek M.; Sissy, Alaa El-Din Elsayed El-; Saeed, Gehan K. El-; Koura, Mai Salah El-Din Report Jan 1, 2014 8020
Antimicrobial lactoferrin peptides: the hidden players in the protective function of a multifunctional protein. Sinha, Mau; Kaushik, Sanket; Kaur, Punit; Sharma, Sujata; Singh, Tej P. Report Jan 1, 2013 8839
Biofilm biomass disruption by natural substances with potential for endodontic use. Alves, Flavio Rodrigues Ferreira; Silva, Marlei Gomes; Rocas, Isabela Neves; Siqueira, Jose Freitas, Jan 1, 2013 2937
Expression and clinical significance of PLUNC protein in nasal polyp and chronic sinusitis tissue. Wu, Min-man; Sun, Hong; Nan, Qiong Report Jul 1, 2012 2342
'Swiss army knife' protein heals wounds, boosts immunity and protects against cancer. May 1, 2012 312
Estrogen Receptor-[alpha] mediates diethylstilbestrol-induced feminization of the seminal vesicle in male mice. Walker, Vickie R.; Jefferson, Wendy N.; Couse, John F.; Korach, Kenneth S. Report Apr 1, 2012 5995
Influence of artificial saliva in biofilm formation of Candida albicans in vitro. Silva, Michelle Peneluppi; Chibebe, Jose Jr.; Jorjao, Adeline Lacerda; Machado, Ana Karina da Silva; Jan 1, 2012 2923
Effects of passive transfer status on growth performance in buffalo calves. Mastellone, V.; Massimini, G.; Pero, M.E.; Cortese, L.; Piantedosi, D.; Lombardi, P.; Britti, D.; Av Report Jul 1, 2011 2617
Combination chemoprevention of hamster buccal pouch carcinogenesis by bovine milk lactoferrin and tea polyphenols. Mohan, Chandra; Nagini, S. Author abstract May 1, 2011 236
Actividad antibacteriana de lactoferrina bovina y lactoferrina porcina sobre Escherichia coli [K88.sup.+]. Ramos-Clamont, Gabriela; Rodriguez-Franco, Dora; Guzman-Partida, Ana Maria; Acedo-Felix, Evelia; Vaz Report Sep 1, 2010 4425
Effects of oral administration of difructose anhydride III on selected health and blood parameters of group-housed Japanese black calves during the preweaning period. Matsumoto, Daisaku; Takagi, Mitsuhiro; Hasunuma, Hiroshi; Fushimi, Yasuo; Ohtani, Masayuki; Sato, Ta Report Dec 1, 2009 5575
Dietary L-arginine supplementation improves intestinal function in weaned pigs after an Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide challenge. Liu, Yulan; Han, Jie; Huang, Jingjing; Wang, Xiaoqiu; Wang, Fenglai; Wang, Junjun Report Dec 1, 2009 7242
Milk protein supplement may save low birth-weight infants from sepsis. Oct 21, 2009 344
Milk protein supplement may save low birth-weight infants from sepsis. Oct 12, 2009 342
Innate immunity of the bovine mammary gland: response to infection/Imunidade inata da glandula mamaria bovina:resposta a infeccao. Carneiro, Deolinda Maria Vieira Filha; Domingues, Paulo Francisco; Vaz, Adil Knackfuss Report Sep 1, 2009 6987
Genetically engineered mice yield human breast milk protein. Jun 3, 2009 447
Use enzyme--treated dairy powders to inhibit the growth of food--associated microorganisms. Oct 1, 2008 342
Meristem obtains United States patent. Mar 1, 2008 81
Association of circulating lactoferrin concentration and 2 nonsynonymous LTF gene polymorphisms with dyslipidemia in men depends on glucose-tolerance status. Moreno-Navarrete, Jose Maria; Ortega, Francisco Jose; Bassols, Judit; Castro, Antoni; Ricart, Wifred Feb 1, 2008 5562
Talactoferrin Alpha receives fast-track designation for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. McBride, Deborah Jan 1, 2007 603
Gene might underlie travelers' diarrhea. Brief article Oct 28, 2006 213
Activin[TM] approval granted by US Dept. of Agriculture. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 189
Microparticle-enhanced nephelometric immunoassay of lysozyme in milk and other human body fluids. Montagne, Paul; Cuilliere, Marie Louise; Mole, Claire; Bene, Marie Christine; Faure, Gilbert Aug 1, 1998 4248

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