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Lactic Acid Bacteria.

In the developed world, lactic acid bacteria are usually associated with fermented dairy products and the use of dairy starter cultures has become a whole industry this century. Add to this that lactic acid bacteria have been associated with beneficial health effects for many year now.

Nowadays, many food products are promoted as being particularly healthy because of the characteristics of certain strains of lactic acid bacteria. Unfortunately, not all these strains have been studied carefully and therefore it might be difficult to substantiate some of the claims. Thus, there is a clear need for the critical study of the effects on health of strain selection and quality of fermented foods and their ingredients. This book reviews current developments in the study of lactic acid bacteria.

Twentyfour contributors have written the fourteen chapters whose titles are: Lactic acid bacteria - classification and physiology; Industrial use and production of lactic acid bacteria; Stability of lactic acid bacteria in fermented milk; Lactic acid bacteria in cereal-based products; Antimicrobial components from lactic acid bacteria; Genetic modification of lactic acid bacteria; Lactic acid bacteria in health and disease; Lactic acid bacteria and intestinal drug and cholesterol metabolism; Development of individual lactic acid microflora in the human microbial ecosystem; Substrates and lactic acid bacteria; Toxicity of lactic acid bacteria; Lactic acid bacteria as animal probiotics; Bifidobacteria and probiotic action; and Future aspects in research and product development on lactic acid bacteria.

This interesting book begins to shed light of some of the rather wilder health claims that one sees promoted, and its references provide much access to further reading on this subject.
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Date:Jan 1, 1994
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