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Lack of hustle.

I understand the pay scale for major league players is a bit out of whack, but the market value is what it is in today's game of big money. I don't mind stars getting overpaid if they perform up to expectations and, most important, work hard.

I don't understand some of these top-salaried players not hustling. I have been an avid White Sox fan for years and consider Paul Konerko an outstanding hitter and underrated fielder, but I get frustrated at his lack of hustle when he hits a routine ground ball. He often dogs it going to first base on easy double-play grounders.

In a game against the Orioles last August, Konerko came up with runners on first and second and no outs with the Sox leading, 3-2. Konerko hit a routine ground ball to short and was barely halfway down the first-base line when the throw to first to complete the double play was made.

Konerko showed no hustle. If he had, maybe the throw could have been rushed and created an error where the runner going from second to third on the play could have scored.

The Sox eventually lost the game, 4-3. Konerko is the leader on the White Sox and he should perform like one. I know his speed is below average, but you don't have to be fast to hustle.

I don't mean to point out Konerko, but he is one player I watch on a regular basis and I know there are many others who lack hustle in their game. If there is one lesson I have learned and continue to teach as a coach with young boys, is that hustle is an absolute in sports. Players who hustle are winners and those who don't simply show a lack of desire for what they do on the field.

Kevin Cavanaugh

Chicago, IL


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Title Annotation:LETTERS; Paul Konerko
Author:Cavanaugh, Kevin
Publication:Baseball Digest
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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