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Lachat Instruments: Shree Karmarker, Director, Chromatography Development.

Lachat offers two approaches to ion chromatographic analyses, including the IC5000 Ion Chromatgograph, a standalone platform, and the IC option available on the flow injection analysis (FIA) instrument, to determine various samples for anions, cations, organic acids, and metals. The IC5000 Ion Chromatograph offers unique features such as autofiltration of samples, programmable sample loop, automated switchover from IC of anions to cations and vice versa, cost-effective chemical suppression with patented MicroSuppressor, temperature controlled conductivity detector and software with integrated data quality management. The IC5000 performs the environmental analyses using the five EPA methods, chromium (VI) in waters at ppt levels (EPA method 218.6), common anions in various waters (EPA method 300.0), disinfection byproducts in drinking waters (EPA method 300.1, part B), perchlorate in drinking waters (EPA method 314.0), and bromate in drinking waters (EPA method 317). The IC option on FIA also performs these five EPA methods but also enables simultaneous and independent operation of FIA for analytes in difficult matrices and for which there are no EPA approved methods. These analytes include, ammonia, TKN, TP, cyanide, phenol, alkalinity, and hardness. Along with the environmental analyses, we have developed a suite of applications for the determination of over 30 analytes in various industrial matrices, such as Bayer Liquor, beverages, concrete digests, engine coolants, high purity waters, fermentation media, seawater, and soil extracts.

Lachat's IC systems are used in private testing laboratories, federal and state laboratories, waste water treatment plants, and pharmaceutical companies for determining organic acids in biofermentation media. Lachat Instruments, Milwaukee, WI 53218.

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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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