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Labour must return to roots.

NOT surprisingly people are crawling from the woodwork - Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson, to name only two. They accuse Ed Miliband of being too far to the left, thereby losing the election. Don't make me laugh.

The reason Labour lost was because they discarded their socialist principles, which the party was founded on, long ago.

This is what the people of Scotland have finally realised, the fact that they have been taken for granted by Labour for too long, virtually abandoned.

In fact, I am amazed at the number of people who still support Labour in the North East as we have been taken for granted like the Scots. We had 13 years of a so-called Labour government with a so-called Labour Prime Minister (he was a closet Tory) and in all that time they did nothing to improve the wellbeing of people in this area.

I wish I knew how many Labour ministers and MPs have connections to the legal profession, both those at present and the last 30 years. The party was hijacked by these type of people long ago, resulting in the birth of failed New Labour.

Oh yes, Blair won three elections but at what cost to the country and the present Labour administration? It is because of Blair's continuation of Thatcherism and his link to financiers and industrialists - though there is little industry left, especially here, capitalists would be more appropriate - that the Labour party is in its current crisis.

So, to gain the faithful support once held by its supporters, Labour must return to its socialist principles and maybe then it may regain power.

N ANDERSON, Brunswick Village

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 19, 2015
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