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Labour leader hedges his bets; FEEDBACK.

I WAS delighted to read in the Echo that Labour candidate Mari Williams is saying "we'll stop Tory attempts to privatise the NHS" ("We agree with your readers, say Welsh politicians", April 1).

Also a little puzzled, though, since I thought it was the last Labour government which began to privatise the NHS with the introduction of PFI contracts. They also allowed private companies to bid for the contract to run the failing Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Another strange fact reported in national newspapers is that one of the major new donors to the Labour Party is a Mr Martin Taylor. So what, and who is Martin Taylor, I hear some of you ask.

Well, Ed Miliband has previously attacked the Tories for being "the party of Mayfair hedge funds". Odd that, because Martin Taylor runs a hedge fund called Nevsky Capital - from an office in Mayfair. Even odder, his fund owns PS10m of shares in UnitedHealth, a US firm which is bidding for contracts in health services around the world.

Mr Taylor has given PS600,000 to Labour over the past three years, and has had at least one private meeting with Ed Miliband.

Don't worry, though, Labour is against privatisation of the NHS - isn't it? Gareth Bennett Canton, Cardiff

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 9, 2015
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