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Articles from Labour/Le Travail (March 22, 2004)

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"Legal gentlemen appointed by the federal government": the Canadian State, the Citizens' Committee of 1000, and Winnipeg's Seditious Conspiracy Trials of 1919-1920. Mitchell, Tom 18485
"Letters from the promised land": the ambiguous radicalization of a Swedish immigrant, 1928-1934. St. Jean, Eva 8184
"We no longer respect the law": the Tilco strike, labour injunctions, and the state. Sangster, Joan 19712
Alain Corbin, the Life of an Unknown: the Rediscovered World of a Clog Maker in 19th-Century France. Prothero, Iorwerth Book Review 1009
Andy Merrifield, Dialectical Urbanism: Social Struggles in the Capitalist City. Herod, Andrew Book Review 1104
Anthony Winson and Belinda Leach, Contingent Work, Disrupted Lives: Labour and Community in the New Rural Economy. Muszynski, Alicja Book Review 1691
Archie Potts, Zilliacus: a Life for Peace and Socialism. Laybourn, Keith Book Review 1187
Barbara Hobson, Jane Lewis, and Birte Siim, eds., Contested Concepts in Gender and Social Politics. Janovicek, Nancy Book Review 1674
Between nationalism and continentalism: state auto industry policy and the Canadian UAW, 1960-1970. Anastakis, Dimitry 18899
Beverly J. Silver, Forces of Labor: Workers' Movements and Globalization since 1870. Camfield, David Book Review 1206
Book notes/references bibliographiques. Book Review 1390
Charles D. Thompson Jr. and Melinda F. Wiggins, eds., The Human Cost of Food: Farmworkers' Lives, Labor, and Advocacy. Danysk, Cecilia Book Review 1297
Charles P. Korr, The End of Baseball as We Knew It. The Players Union, 1960-1981. Howell, Colin Book Review 1159
Cole Harris, Making Native Space: Colonialism, Resistance and Reserves in British Columbia. Lutz, John Book Review 1355
Crises et renouveau du capitalisme. Le 20e siecle en perspective. Deblock, Christian Book Review 1415
Daniel Jacques, La revolution technique : essai sur le devoir d'humanite. Auger, Jean-Francois Book Review 1346
Daniel W. Lehman, John Reed and the Writing of Revolution. Gilbert, James Book Review 1355
Darlene J. Sadlier, Nelson Pereira dos Santos. Nunes, Rosana Barbosa Book Review 1129
David Gagan and Rosemary Gagan, for Patients of Moderate Means: a Social History of the Voluntary Public General Hospital in Canada, 1890-1950. Wishart, James M. Book Review 1449
David McNally, Another World is Possible: Globalization and Anti-Capitalism. Ramsay, Ellen Book Review 1457
David W. Noble, Death of a Nation: American Culture and the End of Exceptionalism. Schultz, Robert T. Book Review 1212
Donna Vogel, Challenging Politics: COPE, Electoral Politics and Social Movements. Magnusson, Warren Book Review 1440
Ethnic partition of the work force in 1840s Montreal. Olson, Sherry 19225
Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Unequal Freedom: How Race and Gender Shaped American Citizenship and Labor. Masur, Kate Book Review 1316
Gender, work, and zeal: women missionaries in Canada and abroad. Gagan, Rosemary Book Review 11261
George Cheney, Values at Work: Employee Participation Meets Market Pressure at Mondragon. Melnyk, George Book Review 2056
Glenna Matthews, Silicon Valley, Women, and the California Dream: Gender, Class, and Opportunity in the Twentieth Century. Belisle, Donica Book Review 1548
Haia Shpayer-Makov, the Making of a Policeman: a Social History of a Labour Force in Metropolitan London, 1829-1914. Marquis, Greg Book Review 1200
Henry Veltmeyer and Anthony O'Malley, eds., Transcending Neoliberalism; Community-Based Development in Latin America. Judson, Fred Book Review 1179
Ian MacLachlan, Kill and Chill: Restructuring Canada's Beef Commodity Chain. Loch-Drake, Cynthia Book Review 1366
Indhu Rajagopal, Hidden Academics: Contract Faculty in Canadian Universities. Krats, Peter Book Review 1199
Informal rural economies in history. Ommer, Rosemary E.; Turner, Nancy J. 15153
John Douglas Belshaw, Colonization and Community: the Vancouver Island Coalfield and the Making of the British Columbian Working Class. McIntosh, Robert Book Review 1183
Judy Fudge and Eric Tucker, Labour Before the Law: the Regulation of Workers' Collective Action in Canada, 1900-1948. McCallum, Todd Book Review 1206
Justine Brown, Hollywood Utopia. Sklar, Robert Book Review 1222
Katherine Frank, G-Strings and Sympathy: Strip Club Regulars and Male Desire. Uebel, Michael Book Review 1133
Kathryn Carter, ed., The Small Details of Life: 20 Diaries by Women in Canada, 1830-1996. Campbell, Gail G. Book Review 1246
Laura C. Johnson, The Co-Workplace: Teleworking in the Neighbourhood. Vosko, Leah Book Review 1540
Laura-Lee Downs, Children in the Promised Land: Working-Class Movements and the Colonies de Vacances in France, 1880-1960. Panchasi, Roxanne Book Review 1203
Margaret C. Kechnie, Organizing Rural Women: the Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario, 1897-1919. Carbert, Louise Book Review 1170
Mathieu Denis, Jacques-Victor Morin. Syndicaliste et educateur populaire. Bischoff, Peter Book Review 1114
Michael Melancon & Alice K. Pate eds., New Labor History: Worker Identity and Experience in Russia, 1840-1918. Badcock, Sarah Book Review 1267
Michelle Brattain, The Politics of Whiteness: Race, Workers, and Culture in the Modern South. McCartin, Joseph A. Book Review 1349
Peter S. McInnis, Harnessing Labour Confrontation: Shaping the Postwar Settlement in Canada, 1943-1950. Langford, Tom Book Review 1193
Ray Hemmings, Liberty or Death. Early Struggles for Parliamentary Democracy. Rogers, Nicholas Book Review 1441
Roberta Hamilton, Setting the Agenda: Jean Royce and the Shaping of Queen's University. Kinnear, Mary Book Review 1042
Ronaldo Munck, Globalisation and Labour: the new 'Great Transformation'. Cravey, Altha J. Book Review 957
Stephen Clarkson, Uncle Sam and Us: Globalization, Neoconservatism, and the Canadian State. Patten, Steve Book Review 1356
Stephen Crowley and David Ost, eds., Workers After Workers' States: Labour and Polities in Postcommunist Eastern Europe. Haynes, Michael Book Review 1166
Suzanne Morton, At Odds: Gambling and Canadians, 1919-1969. Burr, Christina Book Review 1184
The security state and the state of civil liberties. Jensen, Stefan Book Review 4868
Timothy J. Minchin, The Color of Work: the Struggle for Civil Rights in the Southern Paper Industry, 1945-1980. Nelson, Bruce Book Review 1555
Tom McIntosh, ed., Federalism, Democracy, and Labour Market Policy in Canada. Rutherford, Tod D. Book Review 1354
Vanda R. Rideout, Continentalizing Canadian Telecommunications: the Politics of Regulatory Reform. Shniad, Sid Book Review 1167

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