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Articles from Labour/Le Travail (September 22, 2002)

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1939: L'Alliance de la derniere chance & 1939: The Alliance That Never Was. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Finkel, Alvin Book Review 1283
A Beauty That Hurts: Life and Death in Guatemala. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Martinez, Egla J. Book Review 1193
A Fishery for Modern Times: The State and the Industrialization of the Newfoundland Fishery, 1934-1968. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Muszynski, Alicja Book Review 1300
A piece of Hard Light: excerpts from Michael Crummey's Hard Light. (Poetry/Poesie). Steffler, John Critical Essay 3346
A Very Red Life: the Story of Bill Walsh. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Ross, Arthur Book Review 1044
Advocacy for Social Justice: A Global Action and Reflection Guide. (Book Notes/References Bibliographiques). Finkel, Alvin Book Review 179
After the moratorium. (Notebook/Carnet). Ommer, Rosemary E. 1981
Agriculture and environmental history. (Review Essays/Notes Critiques). Varty, John Book Review 4524
American Crucible: Race and Nation in the Twentieth Century. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Gabaccia, Donna R. Book Review 1268
An Irish Working Class: Explorations in Political Economy and Hegemony, 1800-1950. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Lane, Fintan Book Review 933
Australia. (Presentations 2: Labour History in Other Lands). Patmore, Greg 3066
Brazil. (Presentations 2: Labour History in Other Lands). Fortes, Alexandre 2230
By necessity or by right: the language and experience of gender at work. Christie, Nancy 16661
Canadiens, Acadiens, and Canada: knowledge and ethnicity in labour history. (Labour/Le Travail: a Canadian Retrospective--Class, Gender, and Nation). Ferland, Jacques 7108
Coercion, Contract, and Free Labor in the Nineteenth Century. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Muir, James Book Review 1097
Cowboys, Gentlemen and Cattle Thieves: Ranching on the Western Frontier. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Jones, David C. Book Review 864
Divided We Stand: American Workers and the Struggle for Black Equality. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Srigley, Katrina Book Review 1189
Editor's introduction: Labour/Le Travail at 50. 5345
Edward Thompson's warrens: on the transition to socialism and its relation to current left mobilizations. (Presentations 1: Legacies of E.P. Thompson). Lynd, Staughton 5828
Fast Forward: Work, Gender, and Protest in a Changing World. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Levine, Susan Book Review 958
Fight to win. (Notebook/Carnet). Clarke, John 3733
Getting By in Hard Times: Gendered Labour at Home and on the Job. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Levenstein, Lisa Book Review 1346
Global Trade, Labour and Human Rights. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Gereluk, Winston Book Review 1362
Hamlet and the Baker's Son: My Life in Theatre and Politics. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Cavanagh, Chris Book Review 1205
Ireland. (Presentations 2: Labour History in Other Lands). O'Connor, Emmet 2496
Island Timber: A Social History of the Comox Logging Company, Vancouver Island. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Hak, Gordon Book Review 1164
Labour/Le Travail and Canadian working-class history: a view from afar. (Labour/Le Travail at 50: Views from Afar). Burgmann, Verity 8091
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution. (Book Notes/References Bibliographiques). Finkel, Alvin Book Review 147
Low-Wage Workers in the New Economy. (Book Notes/References Bibliographiques). Finkel, Alvin Book Review 193
Mine. (Book Notes/References Bibliographiques). Finkel, Alvin Book Review 204
On the Edge of Empire: Gender, Race, and the Making of British Columbia, 1849-1871. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Rutherdale, Myra Book Review 1078
On the Front Line: Organization of Work in the Information Economy. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Pupo, Norene Book Review 1010
Only One Place of Redress: African Americans, Labor Regulations, and the Courts From Reconstruction to the New Deal. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Lichtenstein, Alex Book Review 1224
Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives: A Pictorial History of Working People in New York City. (Book Notes/References Bibliographiques). Finkel, Alvin Book Review 270
Perspectives of Equality: Work, Women, and Family in the Nordic Countries and EU. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Mahon, Rianne Book Review 886
Poor-Bashing: The Politics of Exclusion. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Little, Margaret Book Review 995
Precarious Values: Organizations, Politics and Labour Market Policy in Ontario. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Robinson, David (American basketball player) Book Review 1206
Public Vows: A History of Marriage and the Nation. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Nugent, Janay Book Review 1147
Race, Class, and Power in the Alabama Coalfields, 1908-1921. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Jones, William P. Book Review 1250
Readers and Society in Nineteenth-Century France: Workers, Women, Peasants. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Stewart, Mary Lynn Book Review 1004
Reasoning rebellion: E.P. Thompson, British Marxist Historians, and the making of dissident political mobilization. Palmer, Bryan D. 14997
Recent publications in Canadian labour history/travaux recents en histoire des classes populaires canadiennes. (Bibliography/Bibliographie). Lonardo, Michael; Sweeny, Robert C.H. Bibliography 5994
Rekindling the Movement: Labor's Quest for Relevance in the 21st Century. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). McElligott, Greg Book Review 1421
Renegade Lawyer: The Life of J.L. Cohen. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Clement, Dominique Book Review 1146
Reyita: The Life of a Black Cuban Woman in the Twentieth Century, as told to her daughter Daisy Rubiera Castillo. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Davies, Catherine Book Review 1505
Riding the rails: Black railroad workers in Canada and the United States. (Review Essays/Notes Critiques). Carson, Jenny Book Review 9891
Secrecy and safety: health care workers in abortion clinics. (Notebook/Carnet). Astor, Sarah Todd 2758
Selling the Work Ethic: From Puritan Pulpit to Corporate PR. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Grant, Hugh Book Review 872
Social Unrest and Popular Protest in England, 1780-1840. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Snell, K.D.M. Book Review 727
Socialism or Barbarism: From the "American Century" to the Crossroads. (Book Notes/References Bibliographiques). Finkel, Alvin Book Review 201
Solidarity and symbolic protest: lessons for labour from the Quebec City Summit of the Americas. (Article: The Trade Unions and Contemporary Protest). MacKay, Kevin 9220
Telling Tales: Essays in Western Women's History. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Purvey, Diane Book Review 1570
The Marshall Decision and Native Rights. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Parenteau, Bill Book Review 1157
The No-Nonsense Guide to World History. (Book Notes/References Bibliographiques). Finkel, Alvin Book Review 187
The poverty of strategy: E.P. Thompson, Perry Anderson, and the transition to socialism. Matthews, Wade 12476
The Question of Nationalities and Social Democracy. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Gechtman, Roni Book Review 2103
The Sound of One Voice: Eugene Forsey and His Letters to the Press. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Wright, Donald Book Review 1064
The sweat in the tar ponds. (Notebook/Carnet). MacAulay, Scott 1678
The West wants in: regionalism, class, and Labour/Le Travail, 1976-2002. Bright, David 6649
The World's Most Dangerous Woman: A New Biography of Emma Goldman. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Bernhard, Marc Book Review 945
Top seven reasons to celebrate and ask more from Labour/Le Travail. Roediger, David 5390
Victor Serge: The Course is Set on Hope. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Camfield, David Book Review 1009
Women's lives under socialism. (Review Essays/Notes Critiques). Ashwin, Sarah Book Review 6154
Workers' Compensation: Foundations for Reform. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Bergstrom, Randolph E. Book Review 1215
Wright Mills -- Letters and Autobiographical Writings. (Reviews/Comptes Rendus). Haley, Ella Book Review 1945

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