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Articles from Labour/Le Travail (September 22, 1998)

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"We are all leaders": the alternative unionism of the early 1930s. Book Review 640
`Not a sex question'? The One Big Union and the politics of radical manhood. McCallum, Todd 17421
Ale, beer and brewsters in England: women's work in a changing world, 1300-1600. Book Review 1932
Angels of the workplace: women and the construction of gender relations in the Canadian clothing industry, 1890-1940. Book Review 1154
Anthology of American folk music and working-class music. Rosenberg, Neil V. 2396
Barristas of the world unite! Interview 4706
Book notes / References bibliographiques. Book Review 1064
Business of power: hydroelectricity in southeastern B.C. Book Review 1772
Conundrum of class: public discourse on the social order in America. Book Review 707
Creating German communism, 1890-1990: from popular protests to socialist state. Book Review 1275
Cultural marxism in postwar Britain: history, the new left, and the origins of cultural studies. Book Review 1169
Cynicism and postmodernity. Book Review 1098
Domesticity all dressed-up: gender in antebellum politics and culture (We mean to be counted; Home fronts). Van Riemsdijk, Tatiana 3363
Farewell to the factory: auto workers in the late twentieth century. Book Review 1366
Formations of class & gender. Book Review 756
Fragments: cool memories III, 1991-1995. Book Review 1388
From the knights of labor to the New World Order: essays on labor and culture. Book Review 861
Fruits of their labor: Atlantic coast farmworkers and the making of migrant poverty, 1870-1945. Book Review 1272
Getting ahead of the class: reflections on Good will hunting. Golfman, Noreen 1867
Homo economics: capitalism, community, and lesbian and gay life. Book Review 1222
Industrial relations significance of unpaid work. Forest, Anne 13623
Major Douglas and Alberta Social Credit. Book Review 1311
Manhood and the militia myth: masculinity, class and militarism in Ontario, 1902-1914. O'Brien, Mike 12956
Martin Butler, masculinity, and the North American sole leather tanning industry: 1871-1889. Stiles, Deborah 15867
Mastered by the clock: time, slavery and freedom in the American South. Book Review 1516
Organizing the meatpacking industry in the United States (Down on the killing floor; Unionizing the jungles). Storch, Randi 2706
Paying for the piper: capital and labour in Britain's offshore oil industry. Book Review 1341
Philosophy of railways: the transcontinental railway idea in British North America. Book Review 1153
Portrait of a labour spy: the case of Robert Raglan Gosden, 1882-1961. Leier, Mark 15922
Portraits of the Japanese workplace: labor movements, workers, and managers. Book Review 865
Power at odds: the 1922 national railroad shopmen's strike. Book Review 1109
Queer musings on masculinity and history. Maynard, Steven 6682
Race against empire: black Americans and anti-colonialism, 1937-1957. Book Review 1063
Resettlement of British Columbia: essays on colonialism and geographical change. Book Review 1001
Safety first: technology, labor, and business in the building of American work safety, 1870-1939. Book Review 1345
San 'ya blues: laboring life in contemporary Tokyo. Book Review 1078
Slumbering volcano: American slave ship revolts and the production of rebellious masculinity. Book Review 1198
Speech. Griffen, Marjorie Excerpt 1706
Stanley Brehaut Ryerson (1911-1998). Levesque, Andree Obituary 2421
Stepping left: dance and politics in New York City, 1928-1942. Book Review 1207
Struggle for Canadian sport. Book Review 777
Tenant League of Prince Edward Island, 1864-1867. Book Review 933
Utopianism and radicalism in a reforming America, 1888-1918. Book Review 1188
WCFL: Chicago's voice of labor, 1926-78. Book Review 970
What do we need a union for? The TWUA in the south, 1945-1955. Book Review 1223
Whittaker Chambers: a biography. Book Review 1256
Women, work, and protest in the Italian diaspora: an international research agenda. Gabaccia, Donna; Iacovetta, Franca 9380
Woody, Cisco, & me: Seamen Three in the merchant marine. Book Review 1710
Workers against Lenin: labour protest and the Bolshevik dictatorship. Book Review 1153
Workers in a lean world: unions in the international economy. Book Review 1827
Young men and technology: government attempts to create a "modern" fisheries workforce in Newfoundland, 1949-1970. Wright, Miriam 7658
Young Sidney Hook: marxist and pragmatist. Book Review 2258

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