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Articles from Labour/Le Travail (March 22, 1996)

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Against the market: political economy, market socialism and the Marxist critique. Book Review 462
Arvida au Saguenay: naissance d'une ville industrielle. Book Review 1115
Bill Pritchard's propaganda tour of Alberta, winter 1915-16. Peter Campbell 5008
By the sweat of the brow: literature and labor in antebellum America. Book Review 732
Charles Millard, a Canadian in the international labour movement: a case study of the ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions) 1955-61. Andrew Carew 13564
Common labour: workers and the digging of North American canals 1780-1860. Book Review 1269
Continuities and discontinuities: the political economy of social welfare and labour market policy in Canada. Book Review 989
Different places, different voices: gender and development in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Book Review 1202
Economie et societe en Acadie, 1850-1950. Book Review 2346
Fair play or fair pay? Gender relations, class consciousness, and union solidarity in the Canadian UE (United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers). Julie Guard 13802
Forging American communism: the life of William Z. Foster. Book Review 2166
Forging industrial policy: the United States, Britain and France in the railway age. Book Review 985
Forging responsible unions: metal workers and the rise of the labour injunction in Canada. Eric Tucker; Judy Fudge 19225
Free to hate: the rise of the right in post-Communist Eastern Europe. Book Review 1527
From haute cuisine to ox roasts: public feasting and the negotiation of class in mid-19th-century Saint John and Halifax. Bonnie Huskins 12151
Future of the international labour question from the inside looking out (ILO conference, 1993). Leon Fink; John D. French 5077
Harrisburg industrializes: the coming of factories to an American community. Book Review 778
Histoire de l'Abitibi-Temiscamingue. Book Review 1384
Historiographie du mouvement ouvrier suisse. Hans Ulrich Jost 3334
History of the French working class: v1, the age of artisan revolution 1815-1871; v2, workers and the bourgeois republic 1871-1939. Book Review 1486
Hoffa. Book Review 2136
Home to work: motherhood and the politics of industrial homework in the United States. Book Review 763
Hope and deception in Conception Bay: merchant-settler relations in Newfoundland 1785-1855. Book Review 1010
Infernal machine: investigating the loyalties of Canada's citizens. Book Review 722
Italian radicals in Canada: a note on sources in Italy. Franca Iacovetta; Robert Ventresca 6586
Jobless future: sci-tech and the dogma of work. Book Review 1082
Labor shall rule: Sidney Hillman and the rise of labor. Book Review 2136
Labour's dilemma: the gender politics of Auto Workers in Canada, 1937-1979. Book Review 1610
Learning history in America: schools, cultures, and politics. Book Review 1023
Limits of affluence: welfare in Ontario, 1920-1970. Book Review 929
Lincoln, land and labor, 1809-60. Book Review 1497
Litterature proletarienne en Belgique francophone depuis 1900. Book Review 1063
Making law, order, and authority in British Columbia, 1821-1871. Book Review 1402
Marie Guillot de l'emancipation des femmes a celle du syndicalisme. Book Review 1022
Marriage of convenience: business and social work in Toronto, 1918-1957. Book Review 1027
Marxism and class consciousness. Martin Glaberman 2268
Marxists and the Jewish question: the history of a debate (1843-1943). Book Review 1661
Monde du travail au Quebec: bibliographie/The world of labour in Quebec: bibliography. Book Review 661
National Archives and left-wing sources from Russia: records of the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion, the Communist Party of Canada and left-wing internationals. George Bolotenko 10963
Native wage labour and independent production during the `era of irrelevance'. Steven High 9742
New immigrants, old unions: organizing undocumented workers in Los Angeles. Book Review 508
Northern protest: Martin Luther King Jr., Chicago, and the civil rights movement. Book Review 1100
Organized labor in the Asia Pacific region: a comparative study of trade unionism in nine countries. Book Review 1150
Ouvriers, la patrie et la revolution. Book Review 972
Parti sous influence: le Parti communiste suisse, une section du Komintern 1931 a 1939. Book Review 612
Peches dans la peninsule acadienne, 1850-1950. Book Review 2342
Producers, proletarians, and politicians: workers and party politics in Evansville and New Albany, Indiana, 1850-87. Book Review 1114
Quest of the folk: antimodernism and cultural selection in twentieth-century Nova Scotia. Book Review 1128
Radicals of the worst sort: laboring women in Lawrence, Massachusetts, 1860-1912. Book Review 809
Reply to Martin Glaberman. Tom Langford 1854
Revolutionary Marxism and social reality in the twentieth century. Book Review 966
Riots in New Brunswick: Orange nativism and social violence in the 1840s. Book Review 967
Separate spheres: women's worlds in the 19th-century Maritimes. Book Review 721
Soldiers' work; soldiers' health: morbidity, mortality, and their causes in an 1840s British garrison in Canada. Jacalyn Duffin 18454
Taylored lives: narrative productions in the age of Taylor, Veblen, and Ford. Book Review 1004
Theatres of memory v1: past and present in contemporary culture. Book Review 5071
Vrais maitres de la foret quebecoise. Book Review 691
World remembered 1925-1950. Book Review 1240

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