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Labour's threat to hit business; LETTERS.

IT'S very concerning that Labour are hitting big business in the threat to increase corporation tax.

We all realise that they may pay too little tax and it certainly needs looking at, however, the Labour party with J Corbyn at the helm have not given these huge companies any idea of what the increases may be thus they are ALL considering moving out of the UK so where will that leave us? MSF (Manufacturing, Science and Finance) companies are, I guess, seeking premises in other EU countries and I daresay the No 1 is Poland because as we all know very well (even if some don't like it) they are exceptionally hard working people.

Labour needs to understand (like many of those who have left the party) that we, as working class people, alone cannot afford to fund the NHS, Benefits, Social Care and so on without income from these huge employers both from a wages and a corporation tax point of view so there has to be a happy medium to keep these companies in the UK - or we will sink.

Gez of Rhyl

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:May 24, 2017
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