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Articles from Laboratory Equipment (March 15, 2002)

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-86 C freezer line. (Editor's Choice). 130
16 Channel Multiplexer: available in multiple inputs. (New Products). 119
Air Regulator: variety of psi ranges. (New Products). 159
Automated transgenic platform. (Update on Microscopes and Optical Lasers). 103
Ball valves and actuators: for severe duty applications. (New Products). 149
Cell Transfer System: selects and transfers single cells. (New products). Brief Article 124
Chemical Cart: with removable guard rails. (New products). Brief Article 101
Combination Packs: for hazmat transport. (New Products). 113
Combustible gas leak detector: pocket-size. (New Products). 135
Cryogenic Valves: versatile/durable. (New Products). 146
Digital camera. (Update on Microscopes and Optical Lasers). 131
Digitzer card: for signal testing. (New Products). 111
Diode Array Detector: for HPLC. (New products). 101
Disposable Robotic Reservoirs: improve automated liquid handling. (New Products). 128
Ecomonic box furnaces: up to 1100 C. (New Products). Brief Article 146
Electric boilers: stainless steel. (New Products). 109
Electrophoresis sets: horizontal gel. (New Products). 128
Flareless tube fittings: large diameter. (New Products). 102
Gas Mass Flow Meter. (Editor's Choice). 120
Getting ready for spring. (Editor's Choice). Ahlberg, Pam 124
Green 532 nm laser: for CW applications. (New Products). 139
High output load cell: offers long term stability. (New Products). 111
High resolution objective. (Update on Microscopes and Optical Lasers). 122
HPLC autosampler: with system controllers. (New Products). 121
Inert isolation valve: three-way. (New Products). 113
Inlet/Exhaust Trap: high capacity design. (New products). Brief Article 126
IR Thermometer: non-contact. (New Products). Brief Article 147
Laboratory balances: utilize sensor technology. (New Products). 138
Laboratory freezers: 6 preset freezing profiles. (New Products). 117
Laboratory pumps. (Editor's Choice). 151
Laminar Flow Workstations: for cleanroom applications. (New Products). 107
LC/MS with GC capability. 126
LECO Corporation: Lloyd Allen, Ph.D., ICP-MS Product Specialist. (Technology Insights). 311
Liquid-to-air recirculator: heat removal. (New Products). 101
Luminometer module: for BRET assays. (New Products). 102
Machine Vision System: delivers detailed images at high speeds. (New Products). 119
Magnesium Oxide Ceramics: for ultra high temperature applications. (New Products). 128
Miniature piston pumps: solenoid-operated. (New Products). 119
Miniature solenoid valves: for many applications. (New Products). Brief Article 130
Miniature valve series: compact/versatile. (New Products). 174
Navigation Software: for analytical probing stations. (New products). 104
Organic Acid columns. (ACS Expo Preview). 104
Particle Testing System: with excellent resolution. (New products). 103
Personal Cytometry System: benchtop design. (New Products). Brief Article 104
Portable vacuum station: general purpose. (New Products). 104
Pressure gauge: from 0-15 through 0-10,000 psi. (New Products). 110
Rate Indicator/Totalizer: compact/versatile. (New products). 102
Replacement gas purifiers: drop-in. (New Products). 107
Robotic arm systems: for high-throughput. (New Products). Brief Article 138
Soft solids tester. (Editor's Choice). 150
Spin Columns: for small samples. (New products). Brief Article 115
Stacking Syringe Valve: for oem designs. (New Products). Brief Article 129
Temperature Sensor: prevents low temperature damage. (New products). Brief Article 129
TOC analyzer. (Editor's Choice). 119
Ultrafast Lasers. (Update on Microscopes and Optical Lasers). 172
Ultrasonic flowmeter: fully automatic transmission method. (New Products). 118
Uninterruptible power supply: ultra-thin format. (New Products). 105
Varian, Inc.: Michael Knowles, Chemical Analysis Group Marketing Manager (Technology Insights). 259

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