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Labor studies.

The NBER's Program on Labor Studies, directed by David Card of the University of California, Berkeley, met in San Francisco on February 21, 2014. These papers were discussed:

* Michael Elsby, University of Edinburgh; Donggyun Shin, Kyung Hee University; and Gary Solon, Michigan State University and NBER, "Wage Adjustment in the Great Recession" (NBER Working Paper No. 19478)

* Henry Farber, Princeton University and NBER, "Union Organizing Decisions in a Deteriorating Environment: The Composition of Representation Elections and the Decline in Turnout"

* Peter Arcidiacono, V. Joseph Hotz, and Arnaud Maurel, Duke University and NBER; and Teresa Romano, Duke University, "Recovering Ex Ante Returns and Preferences for Occupations Using Subjective Expectations Data"

* Ashwini Agrawal and Prasanna Tambe, New York University, "Private Equity, Technological Investment, and Labor Outcomes"

* Luigi Pistaferri and Giacomo De Giorgi, Stanford University and NBER, and Anders Frederiksen, Aarhus University, "Consumption Network Effects"

* Stephen Burks, University of Minnesota; Bo Cowgill, University of California, Berkeley; Mitchell Hoffman, University of Toronto; and Michael Housman, Evolv, Inc., "The Facts about Referrals: Toward an Understanding of Employee Referral Networks"

* Robert Valletta, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, "Recent Extensions of U.S. Unemployment Benefits: Search Responses under Varying Labor Market States"

Summaries of these papers may be found at:

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Title Annotation:Program and Working Group Meetings
Publication:NBER Reporter
Date:Mar 22, 2014
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