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Labor in cross-cultural perspective; proceedings.


Labor in cross-cultural perspective; proceedings.

Annual Meeting of Society for Economic Anthropology U.S. (2001: Milwaukee, WI) Ed. by E. Paul Durrenberger and Judith E. Marti.

AltaMira Press


330 pages



Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA) monographs; no.23


Anthropology and economics would at first appear to be rather different, although they share some of the foundations that undergird all the social sciences. This collection of 14 articles proves that they can work together to their mutual benefit in studying labor and class within household economics, firms and corporate entities, and states, whether pre-modern or transnational. Topic include the pragmatics of running a good city, changes in household traditions in rural Mali and a Philippine fishing village, female heads of households in Mexico, bargaining for labor in coffee and citrus, household production and women's work in rural mining communities, the emergence of worker cooperatives amongst middle-class Japanese housewives, regional transformations in labor availability, the ghost of slavery, and the impact of immigration.

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