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Labatt's USA will import Red Stripe and Dragon Stout.

Labatt's USA will import Red Stripe and Dragon Stout

Desnoes and Geddes Ltd. of Jamaica have announced the appointment of Labatt's USA, Inc., as the exclusive U.S. importer of both Red Stripe and Dragon Stout beers, effective July 22. The brands had been handled by R.J. Imports and International Brands.

Red Stripe is currently marketed in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the Caribbean, in addition to the U.S. In 1990, Red Stripe's sales grew 11 percent in the U.S., while Dragon Stout was up 57 percent. Both brands will now be marketed by Labatt's USA's Specialty Import division, which specializes in building smaller niche beers with high growth potential.

"The decision to appoint Labatt's USA was based on the company's strong marketing and sales team," commented Jim Lim, Desnoes and Geddes, Ltd.'s vice chairman. "We are confident that Labatt's USA will continue to increase the U.S. sales of both Red Stripe and Dragon Stout."

"Desnoes and Geddes has the reputation internationally of brewing high-quality beers," said Rich Fogarty, president, Labatt's USA.

PHOTO : RED STRIPE AND DRAGON STOUT, will now be handled exclusively in America by Labatt's USA. At the announcement were (from left to right): Michael Mitaro, Labatt's USA; James Lim, D&G; O.K. Melhado, D&G; Robert Barghaus, Labatt's USA; Richard Fogarty, Labatt's USA; Michael Lumsden, D&G; and Richard Vassos, Labatt's USA.
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Title Annotation:Labatt's USA Inc.; Red Stripe and Dragon Stout beers
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Aug 5, 1991
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