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Lab water system exceeds regulatory specifications.

Housed in a cabinet measuring 20" x 20" x 12", the Compact AQUA RODI-C is suited to those applications with no central RO, DI, or distillation pretreatment system, or where space or funding limitations precludes separate R0 and Type I DI systems. This system is also utilized whenever the incoming tap water contains more than 170 ppm of total dissolved solids and/or the Type I purified water usage exceeds 20 L/day or 100 L/week Models include analytical, biological, ultra-low TOC, and ultra-low TOC biological. The RO portion features fully automatic operation and includes an activated carbon prefilter, product and reject flow meters, a TFC high-capacity RO membrane cartridge, and an external 42-L pressurized tank for storing the RO purified water for later use by the Type I DI System. As available capacity permits, the RO section can also be used to feed other Type I or Type II DI systems or applications. The Type I DI section of the RODI-C produces purified water that exceeds ASTM. CAP, and NCCLS specifications for Type I reagent-grade water. This section features a high-purity TOC reduction and DI polishing module, continuous re circulation, digital resistivity monitor, and a 0.1-micron (absolute) final filter capsule. Aqua Solutions, Inc.

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Title Annotation:Water Purification/Filtration
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Jul 1, 2004
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