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Lab glassware washer offers fast cycle times.


The G 7893 is a compact 24 inch wide laboratory glassware washer with true forced-air HEPA-filtered drying. The HEPA-filtered drying system guarantees the purity of the air used for drying in the G 7893 and provides a faster more complete drying result than traditional gravity-convected drying. Drying times and temperatures are fully adjustabIe to meet the demands of the glassware being dried. When combined with injection baskets, forced air drying blows air both around the chamber and into each individual piece of glassware for complete drying even in difficult narrow-neck items, such as pipettes, volumetrics, flasks and test tubes. The G 7893 has a stainless steel exterior, a water-proof system to protect the lab in the unlikely event of leakage, a built-in water softener, and steam condenser to assist in drying.

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Publication:Pharmaceutical Processing
Date:Oct 1, 2008
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