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Lab analyzer for STAR and STARlet users.

The TADM lab analyzer is a customized software tool that provides total aspiration and dispense monitoring (TADM) measurement functions for STAR and STARlet users. The analyzer allows users to easily visualize TADM curves, as well as user-defined or pre-set guard bands and warning ranges, live per channel. STAR and STARlet technicians can instantly and easily see TADM guard band violations from across the room. They can also check for any errors via user-defined automatic reporting or channel display upon returning to the lab. Users can review or compare selected saved channel curves and data statistically or graphically via barcode ID, method, pipetting step, liquid class, instrument S/N, date and time range, and more. With comparisons and built-in statistical tools, users can also self-optimize existing or user-defined guard bands and user-defined warning bands and alarms. The analyzer is suited for IVD labs and other regulated settings because it provides a traceable, digital audit trail. Apartis Information Management, Inc., 949-851-4633


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Title Annotation:PRODUCT NEWS: Software & Hardware
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:May 1, 2009
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