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LaFevers, Robin. Mortal Heart: His Fair Assassin, Book 3.

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LaFevers, Robin. Mortal Heart: His Fair Assassin, Book 3. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. 464p. $17.99. 978-0-547-62840-0.

As 1488 draws to a close in Brittany, France, sixteen-year-old Annith is one of the Convent's best trained and most gifted assassins, but she has yet to be sent out on a mission to honor her father, the god of death, Saint Mortain. Quietly waiting her turn, Annith has watched sisters younger and less adept leave to do Mortain's work but the youth and incomplete training of the most recent novitiate selected force her to speak out in protest. Fearing for all her sisters' safety and frustrated by what feels like Abbesses's unwillingness to acknowledge her hard-won skills, Annith decides she will no longer play by the Convent's rules. Instead she seizes control of her fate and her future; Annith sets out on an adventure of her own choosing, her life.

It is hard to wait for a book that can potentially make or break the experience of a beloved series, and harder yet to start reading, knowing the importance of a grand finale. Will justice be done toward characters featured in this novel while still providing closure for previously important characters, and still manage to tie up loose ends from the entire series? In this book, for this series, the answer is a big resounding, triple "Yes!" to each question, and to any more that a fan might think of asking. The author does an outstanding job in revealing how Annith has such a conflicted view of her place in the world and her value to others, but there are also detailed cultural history and lore, stirring battle scenes, and brilliantly twisted secrets that blend into one dynamic, vibrant story. Teens looking for strong, engaging female characters, the evolution of ancient traditions, or a solid adventure tale will adore every page.--Stacey Hayman.

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Author:Hayman, Stacey
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2014
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