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La Passion du Palatinus: Mystere du XIVe siecle.

Texte et traduction, ed. par Grace Frank, presente et traduit par Jacques Ribard. (Paris: Champion, 1992). 275 pp. ISBN 2-85203-221-x. No price given. This second volume in the CFMA series of texts with translations is particularly welcome since it provides a rare example of a French Passion play that is on a scale where it can be (and indeed, as M. Ribard points out, has been) acted by modern students of the mediaeval drama. The performance at Perpignan during the 1989 Colloquium on medieval theatre proved that the translation is serviceable, as well as accurate, and fully justifies this reprint of the Frank edition of a short French Passion play which can bear comparison with any of the better-known English texts. It is also gratifying to see an introduction devoted primarily to the play as a work of literature to be performed, not a philologist's museum of linguistic peculiarities. It is perhaps a pity, therefore, that Grace Frank's introduction to the text is reprinted tel quel from the original edition, which leads to one or two odd statements: the manuscript can hardly be described as |recently found' in 1992! More seriously, the references and editions in the footnotes are also out of date, and no attempt has been made to give more recent bibliography.
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Author:Muir, Lynette
Publication:Medium Aevum
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1993
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