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La Marche charges ahead with more new products.

Continuing the updating and expansion of its range of battery chargers and power conversions components, La Marche Manufacturing, Des Plaines, Ill., has developed several new products targeting power generation applications. The A18JA battery charger is designed to be mounted in engine generator set compartments and provides complete engine starting battery charging. The E12 battery charger/power supply/ battery eliminator is engineered for switchgear, communications and process control applications. The A97W Switchmode rectifier/battery charger is now available in a portable version, designed for maintenance applications.

These developments are part of an ongoing effort by La Marche to update and upgrade its product line. Over the last year, the company has unveiled a range of new products, including new battery charger/rectifiers, new dc to dc converter systems and live circuit battery testers, nearly all of which directly target utility, telecom and other power generation applications.

The A18JA charger is a silicon diode full wave rectifier charger designed for continuous operation on unloaded engine starting batteries, typically in applications where a small capacity battery charger is required to maintain and recharge a single battery system. Its operation is automatic--there are no external controls or adjustments to be made once the battery is permanently connected, the company said--and a dc cranking disconnect relay instantly disconnects the charger during engine cranking cycles.

The A18JA charger is also protected by an ac input fuse and dc output auto reset breaker. Input voltage is 120 Vac, single-phase at 50/60 Hz, with available dc outputs of 3 or 6 amps, 12 or 24 Vdc. It is housed in a NEMA 1 enclosure with a baked enamel paint finish and is warranted for a full year.

The E12 Mag-Amp charger is designed to have all of the functionality of La Marche's A12B Mag-Amp chargers in a more cost-effective package. It has +/- 1% regulation and continuous current limit, factory set at 105% of the dc output current. The E12 may also be used as a battery eliminator featuring 30 mV RMS filtering with or without a battery, the company said.

The E12 charger is available with dc output voltages of 24, 48 or 130 Vdc with dc currents for 3 to 35 amps and ac input voltages of 120, 208 or 240 Vac, single phase. A standard E12 charger is equipped with input and output fuses along with indicator lights, a toggle switch and adjustments for float and equalize.

Available optional accessories of the E12 include ac/dc circuit breakers along with a full-featured Digital Alarm Accessory Package.

The E12 charger can be wall, floor or rack mounted depending on the configuration and options, and each unit carries a five-year limited warranty.

Last year, La Marche introduced A96/A97 utility rectifiers/battery chargers, which also function as a power supply/battery charger. To meet demand, the company said it has enhanced the product line by offering it in a portable, wheel-mounted configuration, along with the standard wall-, floor- or rack-mounted models.

La Marche manufactures its chargers at its 75,000 sq.ft. Des Plaines headquarters facility. All three products, the A18JA, A97W and E12 are in full production.

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