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Energy problem cries for decisive action: at the national level, we desperately need leadership to recognize the energy challenge and aggressively and effectively respond to it. Sep 1, 2006 955
Education: the "seed corn" of competitiveness: how well we come together to improve our educational system will determine our ability to compete globally going forward. Column Jul 1, 2006 1267
Global survival: Part II: to keep the U.S. economy competitive, government must alter its national policies and businesses must foster innovation. May 1, 2006 1109
Global survival: part 1: as outsourcing expands from low-cost manufacturing to sophisticated R&D and medical work, we all must learn to survive in a brave new world. Column Mar 1, 2006 1293
Living with low velocity: as the world goes global, supply chain velocity will actually decrease in many instances. The key is how you respond. Jan 1, 2006 993
The curse of embedded costs: the lessons learned from Detroit about costs and assets carry important implications for supply chain professionals. Nov 1, 2005 1064
Fiddling while Rome burns? As Hurricane Katrina dramatically showed, organizations must be able to develop a contingency plan and then swiftly execute it. Column Oct 1, 2005 985
Planning in turbulent times: in an age of uncertainty, operational, tactical, and strategic planning takes on a heightened sense of importance and urgency. Sep 1, 2005 1332
Is the world flattening? Technology may be pushing us in that direction, but some major impediments to a truly flat world still exist. Column Jul 1, 2005 1120
Time to get serious about energy: supply chain managers have a lot at stake in the endeavor to find alternative energy sources. Brief Article May 1, 2005 1018
Extending the enterprise: in extending the business enterprise to the global arena, companies need to consider three supply chain strategies: partnering, outsourcing, and offshoring. Apr 1, 2005 1063
Where have all the statemen gone? If we're ever to have a national transportation policy, we need "statesmen" to step forward and make it happen. Jan 1, 2005 993
A crisis in transportation: almost everywhere we look, we see congestion, capacity constraints, labor problems, contentious relationships, and higher prices. Column Nov 1, 2004 1025
The path to the corner office: to become a "chief supply chain executive," you need an expanded skill set and a broad business horizon. Column Oct 1, 2004 876
Rising to the offshoring challenge--part 2: in the nonstop drive to outsource more and more activities overseas, there's a golden opportunity for supply chain managers. Apr 1, 2004 1187
From outsourcing to "offshoring"--Part 1: supply chain professionals need to understand why the scale and scope of offshore activity is increasing. Mar 1, 2004 1061
Hours of service--problem or opportunity? New regulations may force companies to rethink how they manage their supply chain operations. Jan 1, 2004 1067
PLM--the next killer app? If they live up to their potential, the new PLM applications could brighten the supply chain landscape. Product/Service Evaluation Sep 1, 2003 924
Who has the corner office? Data from Career Patterns survey shows steady structural evolution in the composition of supply chain leaders. (Insights). Jul 1, 2003 1000
Three problems that linger: accurate costing data, information integration, and people development remain the black holes that need to be filled for supply chain success. (Insights). Mar 1, 2003 1125
Who can you trust these days? The Enron debacle raises significant concerns about trust between partners in the supply chain. (Insights). May 1, 2002 1188

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