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La Jenkins... toned down so much we still couldn't hear the crowd roar.

Byline: david BANKS

THE BBC seems to have heeded calls to tone down Katherine Jenkins at the rugby.

On previous occasions Katherine's amplified vocals drowned out the massed ranks of the Millennium Stadium.

I know she's good, but she's not that good and could only have done so courtesy of some ham-fisted mixing by BBC engineers who believe we prefer to hear her rather than the fans.

On Sunday they had turned down the volume on la Jenkins, but they'd turned it down on the crowd as well.

The main thing you could hear was the band - perhaps they did it as a karaoke version.

Not that it did much good mind. The Welsh team appeared to have the metabolism of humming birds at one point, such was the speed of their play, but that's no good if you can't score tries.

Especially if the Irish can.

Still, it's wide open and I suspect we played our toughest match on day one. Roll on England.


Wales' golden girl Katherine Jenkins does a grand job singing to the rugby fans
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 6, 2007
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