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La Colere de Glykos for horn solo by Pascal Proust.

La Colere de Glykos for horn solo by Pascal Proust. Sempre piu Editions, 2 allee Du Guesclin, 93130 Noisy-le-Sec, France; SP0078, 2013, 9.05 [euro].

The challenge of finding a work for solo horn can be daunting, especially when seeking something new. The preexisting body of literature for this genre is relatively small in comparison with the number of concerti, sonatas, and character pieces that are available. While a number of works for solo horn are widely accepted as "standards" in the horn world, a good number of those are significantly challenging, and perhaps above the level of the average collegiate horn player.

Pascal Proust's La Colere de Glykos for horn solo is a multi-sectioned work that is both musically and technically engaging for the performer without being overly taxing. Ranging from B to c"', the work displays the wide range of the instrument, but is written in such a way as to use the extremes of that range to originate or punctuate a particular phrase, as opposed to spending a much time in that part of the range. The majority of the writing utilizes the middle-mid-high range, thereby not overly taxing endurance. A small number of extended techniques are included, such as stopped horn, mordents, and trills. Proust uses time signature and tempi shifts to help create the different characters within the piece, and the groupings within the odd-meter sections are clearly notated. Combined with the very specific articulation, phrasing, and dynamic indications he has included in the score, it is easy to understand his directives for each section.

It is easy to make music with this piece, since Proust has written it in such a way that the musical line and intention of each section, and indeed the piece as a whole, is obvious. This work would fit nicely on a number of different concert programs, as a capstone recital or jury piece, or for a competition. It is a delightful and accessible addition to the solo horn repertoire. HL

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Publication:The Horn Call
Date:Feb 1, 2016
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