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THE LVF have been warned not to give Johnny Adair a foot-hold in the Shankill on his release from jail.

The People can reveal that, despite their differences, the UVF have even struck a deal with the UDA to help keep Adair out of the area.

The LVF, whose small power-base is in Ballysillan, have been warned that they're being watched by the main terror leaders and if attempts are made to reach out to Adair on his release they'll pay the consequences.

Up to a dozen households in one street in the area are known to be occupied by the LVF.

But they've been warned that while they're being tolerated they'll be drummed out if any approaches are made to Adair.

One source said: "They have their base there and all live in the same street for security reasons - safety in numbers basically, because there are so few of them.

"But they know themselves the lie of the land and they're surrounded basically by the UVF who'll be watching how things develop.

"Despite the feud and all the simmering divisions within loyalism, the UDA and UVF have already done a deal to ensure that Adair doesn't get back in."

The development will come as another body blow to Adair, who's reeling from the latest assault on his family and close allies.

And with loyalist paramilitaries closing him down from all sides, it's known that Adair will revert to his original plan of setting up a base in Glasgow.

Earlier this year we revealed that Adair had been in talks with senior movers in the LVF about taking charge of the hard-line terror group.

He had promised them lucrative pay-offs from his drugs contacts in return for support from the rank and file LVF.

The appointment would have proved a morale-boosting move for the LVF, who've been at loggerheads with both the UDA and UVF in a long-running turf war over drugs and control of Protestant areas.

The LVF - who were set up by murdered Portadown loyalist Billy Wright in 1995 after he split from the UVF - have considerable pockets of support across Northern Ireland.

But earlier this year tensions between the two terror factions came to a head when the UVF murdered Brian Stewart, 34, in east Belfast.

The assassination was a direct response to Stewart's promotion to LVF boss in Holywood.

Days later they struck again, planting what police are calling a 'reasonably sophisticated' bomb at the home of an east Belfast loyalist.

It caused major damage to the front of the man's home at Bloomfield Court off the Beersbridge Road, but no one was in at the time.

But a number of families, believed to be linked to the LVF, heeded the warning and moved out of the area.


WELCOME WITHDRAWN: The UDA have warned Adair that he will be killed if he returns to the Shankill; the threat has also been extended to LVF members planning to support him
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 22, 2004
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