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 SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- George Lucas, chairman of the board of LucasArts Entertainment Co., today announced the appointment of Randy Komisar as president and chief executive officer of LucasArts Entertainment Co. The appointment marks the final key position to be filled in the restructuring plan for the Lucas companies which began in February 1993 with the appointment of Gordon Radley as president of Lucasfilm Ltd., and Lindsley Parsons Jr. as president of Lucas Digital Ltd.
 "I'm proud of the tremendous success LucasArts has achieved with its multimedia game releases, and I'm confident the company's growth and impact on the interactive market will accelerate even faster under Randy's dynamic leadership," Lucas stated. "LucasArts is a cornerstone to the three company digital strategy of the Lucas organization. As we move into the digital future, LucasArts, Lucas Digital (Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound) and Lucasfilm are poised to share technology and talent, giving them a unique advantage in this increasingly competitive market."
 "I'm thrilled to be joining LucasArts, recognized pioneer in breakthrough interactive technologies and a pre-eminent creative force in the entertainment software industry," stated Komisar. "It's a rare opportunity to work with people who can combine storytelling skills and technical expertise into successful and innovative product."
 Komisar comes to LucasArts from GO Corp. where he was vice president of business operations and chief financial officer responsible for strategic relationships, business planning, corporate finance and product manufacturing. Prior to GO Corp., Komisar was a founder and vice president of corporate affairs of Claris Corp. His duties included worldwide acquisitions and partnerships, legal affairs and general administration. Previously he served as senior legal counsel at Apple Computer Inc. Komisar is a graduate of Harvard Law School and earned his undergraduate degree in economics at Brown University.
 Komisar joins LucasArts on the heels of the company's most successful year in its 11-year history. LucasArts' STAR WARS(R)-based space combat simulator, "X-Wing(TM)," is the best-selling interactive entertainment PC title of 1993. "X-Wing" was released in March 1993, and has remained the number-one selling game since that time. Worldwide sales of the "X-Wing" franchise, which includes the base game and the add-on disks "Imperial Pursuit(TM)" and "B-Wing(TM)," are expected to top three quarters of a million units during the holiday selling season. A sequel to "X-Wing" -- "TIE Fighter(TM)" -- will be released in the first quarter of 1994.
 Compelling story design and innovative technology have made LucasArts a leading game publisher in the United States and firmly established the company as the number one entertainment software published in Europe. LucasArts' recent releases "Indiana Jones(C) and the Fate of Atlantis(TM)," "Day of the Tentacle(TM)" and "X-Wing" all have launched in the number-one sales positions in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy -- the top five European PC markets. Virtually every LucasArts release has won "Game of the Year" at the European Computer Trade Show and at the European Leisure Awards.
 This month, one of LucasArts' most anticipated titles, "Rebel Assault(TM)" for PC CD-ROM, will once again set new industry standards for creative and technical accomplishments. The company's first CD-ROM only game, "Rebel Assault" is a whopping 500 megabytes -- the equivalent of 347 high density floppy disks. Several innovative technologies contribute to this visually stunning action/arcade extravaganza. Rendered entirely in 3D, "Rebel Assault" also features digitized movie footage from "STAR WARS," and original full-screen video sequences. A four-channel, digital sound track plays music (the original "STAR WARS" score as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra), speech, sound effects and ambient sound, and an internally developed streaming mechanism allows "Rebel Assault" to be accessed directly from the CD without compromising speed. Other new holiday releases from LucasArts include "Sam & Max Hit the Road(TM)," a hard-boiled, detective comedy for IBM and compatibles, and "Super Empire Strikes Back(TM)," the Super Nintendo sequel to "Super Star Wars(TM)," one of last year's top five Super Nintendo titles. In the first quarter of 1994, LucasArts will release "Star Wars Screen Saver(TM)," its premiere utility software title. The screen saver, which will be available for Windows and Macintosh, features expansive modules that will take computer owners behind-the-scenes for a closer look at their favorite "STAR WARS" characters, places, starships and battles.
 LucasArts is a recognized industry leader in the development of innovative technologies. Six years ago, the company's graphic adventure "Maniac Mansion(R)" introduced the point and click interface, a style since adopted universally by its competitors. More recently, LucasArts was the first to release professionally produced "Talkie" games -- games featuring the voices of professional actors throughout. The "Talkie" versions of "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" and "Day of the Tentacle" received rave reviews and were hailed by industry press as the best voice games available. LucasArts is also a pioneer in the area of interactive sound. Its proprietary sound system iMUSE(C)(TM) (Interactive Music and Sound Effects) allows the music and sound effects of a game to respond spontaneously and seamlessly to unpredictable player choices. Additionally, LucasArts is integrating Silicon Graphics 3D workstations into its expanding 3D graphics department. These are the same systems that were used by its sister company, Industrial Light & Magic, to create the JURASSIC PARK dinosaurs. In the last few months, LucasArts has been featured on "Good Morning America," CBS News, "Entertainment Tonight," CNN and the Discovery Channel.
 LucasArts Entertainment Co. is one of three Lucas companies. Lucas Digital Ltd., comprised of Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound, is dedicated to serving the needs of the entertainment industry for visual effects and audio post-production. Lucasfilm Ltd. includes George Lucas' feature film and television activities, as well as the business activities of the THX Group, Licensing and Toys.
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