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LTO new plate technology - fail?

It looks like the high-tech vehicle license plates issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) appear to fall short of its promise.

The laser-etched bar code, when scanned successfully, must show data about the vehicle engine and chassis numbers, model, and/or type.

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Facebook User Paul Uy brought to the public's attention that the bar code on his new license plates was unreadable.

On June 15, Uy posted on Facebook three photos of the step-by-step scanning procedure he conducted on the bar code using a Charge Couple Device (CCD) scanner.

The third photo showed the reading of the device: "Test Barcode".

A CCD bar code scanner, according to the Barcodesinc, is a device which has a very fast scan speed and low scan range, often less than three inches from the bar code.

"Their short read range makes them a poor choice for warehouse or industrial applications", the Barcodesinc said.

The Manila Bulletin conducted its own test using a bar code application through an app in a Samsung mobile device. In the first attempt, a portion of the bar code registered; but on the following trials, the bar code failed to be recognized again.

Netizen Moto Mischiefz commented on the post, "Sad, sad life for us.... We paid for this sh** through our taxes and this is what we get".

"Dapat makarating sa LTO 'yan. What is the use of that barcode? Binabayaran 'yan for nothing?" a certain Michael Bryan Lim said.

As of this posting, the Manila Bulletin has failed to reach LTO to get its comment.


Photo screenshot courtesy of Paul Uy's Facebook page

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Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Jun 18, 2015
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