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LSU Law Center starts "journal of Civil Law Studies".

The Center of Civil Law Studies (CCLS) of the Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA) Law Center has begun the publication of the "Journal of Civil Law Studies" (JCLS), a new title that is circulated electronically and is available free.

The Law Center said the journal is designed to promote a multidisciplinary and pluralistic approach, and focuses on the following themes: the evolution of the law in mixed jurisdictions, chiefly Louisiana; the evolution in civil law in an English speaking environment; the impact of globalization on the evolution of both civil and common law; the impact of the civil law and the common law outside the western world and their interrelation with other legal traditions; the divide between civil law and common law in the American Hemisphere and in Europe; and, civil law and common law traditions in the harmonization and unification processes, including linguistic issues.

The first two issues include articles on: the future of civil codes in France and Louisiana, Caveat Emptor's current role in Louisiana and Islamic law, class action law, a comparison and economic analysis of M&A activity in France and the U.S., the origins of the French juridical culture in North America, in French, comparison of the English and French evolution the concept of property, the protection of genetic identity, civil law taxonomy, and an historical discussion of the distinction between persons and things.

Published primarily in English with select articles in French, the journal also publishes the papers of the Civil Law Workshop and of conferences organized by or in cooperation with the CCLS.
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Date:Feb 1, 2010
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