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LST Software GmbH Merges With Caldera Inc.

Critically Acclaimed European Linux Developers Strengthen Caldera's Commitment
 To European Market

LINUX KONGRESS, Germany, May 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Caldera Inc. and LST (Linux System Technologies) Software GmbH, today announced the formation of a German development center. LST, innovators of Linux tools and solutions, is based in Erlangen, Germany and will become part of Caldera. By joining efforts with LST, Caldera strengthens a long-standing relationship between the two companies and follows Caldera's recent establishment of a UK development center.

"By combining efforts with LST, Caldera meets a two-fold need: it solidifies Caldera's commitment to innovative, timely Linux products for the fast-paced Linux community; and it fulfills the commercial need for proven, integrated Linux solutions," said Bryan Sparks, President and CEO of Caldera, Inc. "By owning every step of the process, Caldera is better positioned to meet the needs of ISVs, Resellers and commercial customers."

Caldera and LST have worked together as co-developers to bring OpenLinux to the forefront of the computer industry as Caldera's core Linux technology. This collaboration produced and improved LISA (Linux Installation System Administration), the first single floppy, menu-driven install, significantly simplifying Linux installation. LISA further enhanced the process by removing the need to know hardware specifications prior to configuration. It was created as a language-enabled Linux installation, with on-screen prompts and help text in separate files for easy translation into other languages. OpenLinux is currently available in English and German; four additional languages will be made available in early fall, 1997.

LST's current product, LST 2.2 Power Linux, was the first Linux distribution to ship with a 2.0 kernel and is the foundation for Caldera's OpenLinux technology.

"By joining with Caldera -- the most progressive commercial Linux provider -- we can leverage the testing, integration and support expertise of both companies worldwide," said Stefan Probst, President and CEO of LST. "Particularly as Caldera enters the international market, LST can add the development support that will help Caldera successfully reach its goal of being the best commercial Linux solution." Ralf Flaxa, Co-President, concurs. "LST has been actively involved in Linux since the beginning of 1992. Both Stefan and I have established relationships with key developers inside the Linux industry and are well-versed in development trends. We look forward to combining these skills with Caldera's to the greater benefit of the Linux community."

LST developed the install and underlying Linux distribution in OpenLinux, Caldera's 32-bit, Linux 2.0.29-based platform for extending LANs to the home, branch office, remote user and the Internet. LISA was included in the Caldera Network Desktop (CND), Caldera's first product release. LST's products include the LST distribution (made available to the German market in 1993), followed by the Linux Power Pack in 1994 and Power Linux in 1995 -- now available worldwide. LST has a wide market base in the academic and scientific communities with mirror sites at key German universities. Plans to upgrade Power Linux users to OpenLinux are currently underway.

Caldera's joint efforts with LST form a key component in Caldera's technology strategy, along with the UK and German development centers. The UK center was formed from a core team of Digital Research developers including: Roger Gross, UK General Manager and Jon Williams, director of ESD marketing. The UK center utilizes OpenDOS technologies for Internet, information-browsing and embedded systems solutions. Together, these development centers provide a full range of tools that glue and extend new and existing computer systems to each other and the Internet.

Information: For more information about Caldera products and technologies, please call +1 (800) 850-7779 in the United States, +44 (0) 1923 208440 in Europe, or +1 (801) 269-7012 outside of the United States and Europe.

Caldera Inc. provides economical solutions that glue and extend new and existing computer systems, including Netware, Sun(R) Solaris, SCO(R) UNIX(R), Novell(R) IntranetWare, and Microsoft(R) Windows(R) NT, to each other and the Internet. Caldera uses its own technological and marketing resources to leverage technologies including the Linux operating system created by independent developers worldwide, and the OpenDOS product line.

Caldera is a registered trademark; and OpenLinux, Caldera Network Desktop, Caldera Solutions CD, Caldera WebSpyder, Caldera SoftKeyboards, Caldera View, and Caldera OpenDOS are trademarks of Caldera Inc. All other products, services, companies and publications are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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Date:May 23, 1997
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