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Open Standards, Programmability, Development Tools and Third-Party

Software Support Facilitate Efforts of Set-Top Box Designers

MILPITAS, Calif., March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- LSI Logic introduced today the INTEGRA(TM) architecture, the industry's most cost-effective and comprehensive solution for the development of satellite, telco and cable TV set-top boxes. All the main functions required for a set-top box have been reduced to three INTEGRA chips through continued integration of high-level building blocks, or cores, in LSI Logic's CoreWare(R) design program.

Such integration, plus other novel aspects of the INTEGRA architecture, could enable the end price of TV set-top boxes, which provide movie-quality sound and CD-quality audio for hundreds of channels, to fall by as much as half in 1996. "An INTEGRA-based set-top box makes possible a bill of materials for digital logic, memory, printed circuit boards and power supply for well below $200," said Peng Ang, vice president and general manager of LSI Logic's Consumer Products division. "This could enable manufacturers to offer a $300 TV set-top box this year. This price point would open up significant market opportunities by shifting the end customer base from early adopters to a mass market."

"LSI Logic is delivering what the set-top box market needs to really get going," said Greg Sheppard, principal analyst at Dataquest. "The combination of cost reducing integration conforming to industry standards and programmability should make this product highly desirable."

The INTEGRA architecture is a blueprint for the industry's most highly integrated and scalable TV set-top box design. LSI Logic also unveiled today the first generation of INTEGRA products, called the INTEGRA 1000 family, comprising a complete set of three chips, and an INTEGRA set-top box development platform (SDP).

In addition to the cost effectiveness of the INTEGRA architecture, LSI Logic's total INTEGRA solution is designed to make set-top box development fast, easy and adaptable to diverse specifications. In particular, it offers the following advantages:

* Based on LSI Logic's MiniRISC(TM) microprocessor, the INTEGRA architecture enables designers to program the same set-top box to meet different service providers' specifications, thus saving time and money otherwise spent on designing multiple systems.

* By using the SDP development platform, designers will be able to concurrently develop hardware and software, which will significantly reduce long development cycles associated with sequential hardware, then software development.

* The INTEGRA architecture is based on open standards, such as MPEG, MIPS, DAVIC, JSAT and DVB, which gives designers maximum flexibility to integrate any standards-based hardware they desire.

* System development will be supported by a host of third-party software developers -- of both real time operating systems (RTOS) and applications which will give designers greater choice in software selection.

Price & Availability

The INTEGRA Set Top Development Platform (SDP) is being beta sampled to third-party software developers now. The INTEGRA SDP hardware is priced at $29,000. LSI Logic has launched the INTEGRA Application Developers Program, which enables applications programmers to purchase the SDP systems at special discounted prices. The INTEGRA 1000 chipset will be sampled to key customers in April. Pricing for the INTEGRA 1000 chipset in high volume is $70-$75.

LSI Logic continues to offer customers the most extensive suite of proven digital video cores. These cores can be integrated together into system-on-a-chip designs or emerging digital video products such as cable and satellite set-top boxes, digital video disk players and video game machines, as well as applications such as video-conferencing. LSI Logic's cores include Reed-Solomon and Viterbi error correction decoders, single chip MPEG-2 audio-video decoders, DigiCipherII video decoders, Dolby AC-3 audio, Quadrature Phase Shift Key (QPSK) demodulators, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), and MIPS microprocessors.

LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI), The System on a Chip Company, is a leading supplier of custom high-performance semiconductors, with operations worldwide. The company enables customers to build complete systems on a single chip with its CoreWare(R) design program, thereby increasing performance, lowering system costs and accelerating time to market. LSI Logic develops application-optimized products in partnership with trendsetting customers, and operates leading-edge, high- volume manufacturing facilities to produce submicron chips. The company maintains a high level of quality, as demonstrated by its ISO 9000 certifications. LSI Logic is headquartered at 1551 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, California 95035, 408-433-8000,


DAVIC (Digital Audio Video Interactive Council) -- International standard for interactive digital video.

DVB -- Pan-European standard for digital video broadcast.

MIPS -- RISC-based microprocessor architecture.

MPEG -- Compression standard for moving images.

JSAT -- Japanese standard for digital video broadcast.
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