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LSB Final Release 3.1 Includes Qt by Trolltech; LSB Desktop Project Includes Qt Libraries in Core Linux Distribution Standards.

OSLO, Norway -- Trolltech(R), the company that makes software faster to build and easier to use, announced today that its Qt software technology is part of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) Final Release 3.1 standards specification document.

The LSB, a workgroup of the Free Standards Group organization, works to develop through consensus a standard binary operating environment for the Linux platform.

The new standards document adds specifications for new desktop libraries to the ISO standard LSB Core. Specifically, it includes Qt 3.3 libraries and the tools required to build Qt-based applications. The standards document also allows for an optional module for including Qt 4-based applications into main Linux distributions. Libraries from GTK+ are also included.

Qt is a C++ application development framework used to create high performance cross-platform applications. Today, some of the world's largest software companies rely on Qt to create innovative, advanced solutions across multiple platforms. Qt is also the foundation of KDE, a powerful graphical desktop environment for Linux and Unix workstations. LSB certification of Qt gives customers confidence that they can now target Linux as a new platform and do so by simply recompiling their code.

"The LSB Desktop standard ensures that compliant applications can run unchanged on a large number of commercial desktops. This is essential for the availability of commercial GUI and desktop applications on Linux," said Naren Karattup, product director, developer tools, Trolltech AS.

The inclusion of Qt and GTK+ ensures that the LSB standard will support both major desktop environments and their corresponding communities. Trolltech is a member of the LSB Workgroup and contributes development resources to the Workgroup.

"We are pleased that Qt is included in LSB 3.1," said Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, Free Standards Group. "Qt and the other technologies in the Standards Document have made significant contributions to meet our goal of delivering a set of specifications that will increase compatibility among Linux distributions. Their contributions to the workgroup are appreciated by the Free Standards Group."

About Trolltech

Trolltech(R) is the company that makes software faster to build and easier to use. Trolltech's magic is the combination of efficient software development with an innovative, high-quality user experience. Trolltech's software increases the appeal of customer's desktop applications and devices while reducing their risks and software development costs. Trolltech's technologies accelerate the evolution of software by unleashing the creative power of the developer. The company's family of products include Qt(R), which sets the standard for high-performance, cross-platform software development; and Qtopia(R), the unrivaled application platform for the efficient creation of Linux devices.

Trolltech software is the foundation for thousands of leading products worldwide, many from Global 2000 companies. Trolltech is a second-generation open source company, with a dual licensing business model that supports open source values and methodology in a profitable, sustainable business. For more information about Trolltech, please visit

Trolltech and Qtopia are registered trademarks of Trolltech AS. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 25, 2006
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