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 SEATTLE, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- AAA Washington announced today the price of a gallon of self-serve unleaded gasoline dropped three cents since the Fourth of July holiday and more than a dime since the 1992 Labor Day weekend.
 AAA Washington's recent poll of over 130 service stations in 13 areas of central and western Washington reveals the overall average price for self-serve unleaded fuel is $1.156. The Fourth of July survey showed an average price of $1.188. Last year's Labor Day survey reported an average retail price of $1.255 for a gallon of self-serve unleaded gasoline.
 The average price of self-serve regular leaded gasoline declined three cents to $1.12 cents a gallon, while premium unleaded dropped from an average of $1.359 to $1.348 per gallon since the Fourth of July.
 Throughout most of western and central Washington, the cost of self-serve regular unleaded gasoline varies between $1.069 and $1.209 a gallon. Self-serve regular gasoline showed a similar spread in prices, averaging between $1.089 and $1.209.
 Motorists who use full-serve pumps will pay an average of $1.452 for regular leaded, down from $1.475 cents in July. Unleaded and premium unleaded sell for $1.514 and $1.635 a gallon, down an average of two and a half cents from the Independence Day survey.
 The American Automobile Association's survey of fuel prices, conducted nationwide Aug. 24, indicates motorists in the West can expect to pay the most for self-serve unleaded gasoline.
 The national survey of self-serve regular unleaded prices in the contiguous western states showed Nevada selling the most expensive gas with an average price of $1.264 per gallon. Oregon was next with an average price of $1.259. (Oregon does not permit self-serve gasoline.) Alaska reported the lowest price in the West with an average of $1.087 for self-serve unleaded.
 Nearly half of the stations polled will be open around the clock during the upcoming weekend, and 90 percent will be open all days during the holiday weekend.
 Area by Area Comparison of
 Self-Serve Regular Unleaded Prices
 City 9/1/93 6/30/93 9/1/92
 Bellevue/Eastside 1.115 1.160 1.257
 Bellingham 1.169 1.192 1.255
 Bremerton 1.163 1.172 1.207
 Everett 1.175 1.192 1.275
 Lynnwood 1.151 1.152 1.243
 Olympia 1.169 1.204 1.267
 Renton 1.159 1.165 1.247
 Seattle 1.161 1.205 1.257
 Tacoma 1.148 1.175 1.217
 Tri-Cities 1.193 1.269 1.299
 Vancouver 1.073 1.203 1.261
 Wenatchee 1.201 1.226 1.269
 Yakima 1.115 1.129 1.263
 AVERAGE 1.156 1.188 1.255
 -0- 9/2/93
 /CONTACT: Janet Ray or Bruce Olsen, 206-448-5353 or 800-562-2582, both of AAA Washington/

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Date:Sep 2, 1993

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