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Courts had banned groom from contacting his bride THERE was a major problem when this Welsh couple decided to get married - the groom had been banned from contacting his bride by a court order.

Jeremy Houlston, 41, and Trisha Young tied the knot in a register office in Rhyl on December 17.

But it was a case of forbidden love as Caernarfon magistrates had imposed a restraining order prohibiting contact by him three months earlier.

After just 13 days of wedded bliss and their first Christmas together, the couple were torn apart after the police were tipped off by an anonymous caller.

The court, however, has now decided to remove the restraining order after the couple's application for it to end went unopposed.

And the new bride has spoken of her delight: "It's my third marriage and hopefully third-time lucky."

But the reprieve is bittersweet, as the court was told on Friday that Houlston had been recalled to jail for another matter, and could remain in prison until June.

Trisha will be able to lawfully speak to her new husband, but for now she will be only able to see him behind bars at Altcourse prison, Liverpool.

She said: "I'm really glad I can visit him there now. I miss him. I cry, I'm so lonely. I just want him there by my side."

Houlston's restraining order had been imposed after he assaulted Trisha, but the 47-year-old mum said she felt like her life had ended when the police arrived at their door.

With her arm in a sling after an accident, Trisha told the court she was the one who sought to rekindle their forbidden love.

She said: "It was me who approached Jeremy because I still have really strong feelings for him. He kept saying, 'You shouldn't be near me' and I said, 'I still want to see you because I'm still in love with you and want to marry you'."

The couple had no contact for at least a month when Trisha jumped in a taxi and travelled 75 miles from her home in Tywyn, Gwynedd, to be reunited with Houlston. The lovers then met twice a week and would spend the night together.

Trisha said Houlston's behaviour had changed and he was "the most nicest guy".

"We started seeing each other again. He's been brilliant ever since. I just want him home so we can get on with our life together." Houlston told the court from the secure dock that he felt "shocked and happy" when Trisha turned up at his door and demanded to see him.

He said: "I just wanted to be with her. I feel happy with her. I cry every night. I will not hurt her again. I'm not like that."

After the magistrates agreed to remove the restraining order, Houlston, of Bodelwyddan, near Rhyl, pleaded guilty to breaching it by being in his wife's company. He was jailed for a fortnight, but it will run concurrently to his current period of imprisonment.

Defence solicitor Elen Parry said: "They genuinely like and love each other. It's unusual circumstances."

Trisha said there was a pounds 65 fine and pounds 50 compensation awarded for the original offence.

"That possibly reflects maybe it wasn't the worst assault in the world. Human beings change," she added.

Outside court, Trisha said she had known her new husband since last May after meeting him on a dating website.

"He had a friend who brought him down to my house. It was love at first sight. You can't help who you fall in love with," she said.

"I just want him home and to give him all the love he needs."

They plan to go away to Portugal on their honeymoon when he is released from prison. For Christmas, he had bought her boots, a ring and perfume and she got him underwear.

"We spent a happy Christmas together," she said. "I was very upset when he was arrested - I felt my life had ended."


Trisha Young with Jeremy Houlston
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 5, 2012
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