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 ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Lotus Development Corporation (NASDAQ: LOTS) and Revelation Technologies today announced that they are working together to provide seamless access and interoperability between Lotus Notes and Revelation Technologies' OpenInsight.
 OpenInsight's Notes-enabled enhancements provide developers the ability to integrate Notes data and build workflow features into production applications. Sophisticated applications can easily be developed non-procedurally and further extended through BASIC+, OpenInsight's event-oriented 4GL language.
 OpenInsight's proactive object oriented repository will be enhanced to provide developers with non-procedural access to Notes data, and enable developers to easily manage and maintain Notes-based applications. This will enable multiple developers to work collaboratively on Notes databases, coordinating their efforts so they can share and reuse application components. OpenInsight's repository will predict the impact of changes and allow for easier maintenance of the Notes database.
 Notes is the industry standard platform for developing and deploying groupware applications. OpenInsight, a repository-based application development environment for MS Windows, is extensively used for multi-user LAN and client/server line-of-business production applications requiring robust on-line transaction processing capabilities.
 Since OpenInsight is the only leading database development tool that is able to work intelligently with both unstructured and structured (SQL) data, the product easily integrates with the Notes unstructured data format. "The two products are ideal complements. Both excel at working with unstructured or loosely structured information, and OpenInsight's repository-based development tools and ability to front-end SQL data will be a real boost for integrating Notes into production applications," said Jim Acquaviva, president, Revelation Technologies.
 A two-phase development process will provide increasing levels of integration between the two product lines with beta testing initiated during the first quarter of 1994. Initial integration includes interoperability and non-procedural access between Notes databases and OpenInsight as well as delivery of robust, professional development tools for building Notes-enabled OpenInsight production applications. The second phase of integration will add mail enabling tools, based on the VIM (Vendor Independent Messaging) API.
 "The project benefits both Notes and OpenInsight customers. The two products provide complementary groupware technologies that support data distribution and improved workflow application integration. The marriage of the two technologies significantly expands the range of potential applications for both the developer and the end user," said Jeff Papows, vice president of the Notes Division at Lotus. OpenInsight includes a full suite of non-procedural rapid application development tools; an event-driven application development and database management language; an integrated proactive repository; a unique, flexible multivalue, variable length database engine; and connectivity to popular database servers.
 Revelation Technologies, founded in 1987, is a leading developer of repository-based application development tools for network computing and client/server architectures. The company's products, among the first to allow scalable network application development and deployment, enable business application developers to write applications that operate without change on remote laptops, file sharing and peer-to-peer networks and client/server configurations. Today, there are more than one million licensed users of its products.
 Revelation Technologies has corporate offices in Stamford, Conn., and development and support operations in Bellevue, Wash.; Austin, Texas; and Milton Keynes, England.
 Lotus Development Corp., founded in 1982, provides software products and support services that meet the business needs of individuals, workgroups and enterprises. Lotus' extensive range of products form the foundation for the company's Working Together strategy, which focuses on integrating applications, platforms and people.
 The company's first product, 1-2-3, is the most popular personal computer software application in the world, with more than 20 million users. Lotus markets its products in more than 80 countries worldwide and provides numerous support services, both from its consulting division and its award-winning 24-hour support center.
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